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Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 04

Asher, Lilith and the Tigress Ch. 04

This is the last part of a four-part series. It should stand by itself, but will make more sense if read in the series. Thank you for waiting so long, and you’re welcome to comment or vote!

Sunlight streamed into the room. Dust particles sparkled in the rays. In the dimness, the sunlit areas seemed to glow with light.

Under the covers, Lilith felt the heat. She pushed down the covers and let the sun caress her naked body. She stretched luxuriously, and felt the sun’s warmth on her underarms, her breasts, her torso and legs.

She’d uncovered the heavy sleeping form of Asher. Asher was in the same position he’d started in: on his side, one arm out to cradle her. Exhausted by her sexual demands, he had fallen asleep so fast it had мейд her smile.

The sun felt good on her bare skin. It seemed to energise her. She sprang out of bed, stretched again and bent down to kiss Asher’s shoulder. Now it’s time for a shower, she thought.

Warm water streamed over Lilith’s hair, down her breasts and back and over her legs. Idle thoughts drifted through her mind – she often had good ideas in the shower, especially when she wasn’t trying. But Asher was all she could think about. Is this right? Where is this going? I love him, do I love him? The sex is fantastic, is that clouding my judgement? Silly question, of course it is. He loves me, does he love me? He’s so gentle and caring – and unattached. Wow. Why? He’s surely not gay, he knows exactly what to do with a woman, and so willingly…

This train of thought completely distracted her, as she retraced Asher’s magical caresses. Across her nipples, down her front, down her thighs went her hands. Her breathing got heavier. Her fingers eased themselves into her pussy.

“My lover’s in the bed, and I’m fondling myself in the shower. Hellooo. Not so clever now!”

She stepped out and started drying herself. I’m hungry too, she realised, and мейд for the kitchen. She found herself revelling in the feel of the air on her almost-dry skin, so she took the towel off and walked through naked. It felt good.

The fridge offered little except mandarin juice, bought on impulse at the supermarket. She found two glasses, poured some out and took a scoop of rice from the table. Dinner was still waiting to be tidied up; Lilith’s experiments in oral sex – and the tigress – had driven housekeeping from their minds (oddly).

Her phone beeped excitedly. On Saturday morning?

“Hello sweetheart.”

“Dad! I… are you… Everything okay?”

“Haven’t got you up have I? Oh, it’s all good here. You were going to ring on Friday. Something told me to pop in today but I supposed you would prefer a phone call.”

Lilith gulped, then jumped. “Dad, something really really special has happened.”

“Have you fallen in love?”

“Dad! How could you tell?”

“Something in your voice, the wisdom of age, a lucky guess?”

“Dad, is it love? It feels good all over. It’s so wild and mixed up I don’t know what it is. It kinda feels right, but it’s taking over. I think I’m going mad.”

“Sounds a lot like love, sweetheart. Love is crazy stuff, but I’m pleased it feels this good. Just you be careful. Sorry, it’s your father talking here. Are you looking after yourself? And do I know the lucky man? Is it a man?”

“Dad! It is a man. It’s Asher, do you remember him?”

“Asher? Your boss Asher??” They had shaken hands once. Seemed a decent type, if a bit vague.

“Yes that Asher. Please dad, listen. He’s also a friend. We talk all the time. We laugh. We just go together. He needs me, he said he did.”

“I’ll bet he said that! Lilith, thank you for telling me up front. And, it’s hard this far away, but I trust you. I trust you to take care of your feelings – and his. Oh yes, he’s not the first to fall for you. You didn’t know? Anyway, keep in touch. And I hope you’re not making babies without some serious commitment to each other.”

“DAD!! Oh thank you dad. You’ve shown me what a good man looks like. Give mum a kiss for me.”

It was a quick call, but it seemed to settle her. Lots of questions now had answers. The morning kept getting better.

She stood at the bedroom door and surveyed Asher. His big feet (men have such big feet, mused Lilith), his firm hairy legs, rounded bottom, lean torso, messy hair. His fine features were completely relaxed. His face brought a cascade of memories – cheeky jokes with a raised eyebrow, his piano playing, his gratitude when an angry client called and she fixed everything up, his easygoing nature, his decency.

“Do I love you? Oh God I love you, Asher. I want you. I need you.”

She crept over and gently rolled him onto his back. His downy hairs glistened in the sunlight. His cock paused on his thigh, then slipped down. Lilith smiled to herself. Breakfast time!

Gently again she picked up his cock and studied it in the morning light. It was so soft, with such thin skin and fine veins. Already it was starting to fill out as she handled it. She marvelled as it grew, as the head swelled up and turned pink. The fine skin stretched and it was there, ready for her. She kissed it. It tasted faintly of his semen, but the smooth skin invited touch. She licked and sucked it, feeling it twitch keenly. She licked into the hole in the top, around the edge of the head, across the fine cord underneath. A хэнд rested on her shoulder.

“Mmm, feels good. Any for me?”

“You mean like last night?” recalling how she gave back some of the come in her mouth. “Yours is on the table beside.”

Asher reached over and took a sip. “Hmm, not orange. Mandarin? Classy. But not chewy enough.”

Her leg was nearby on the bed. He eased it over his head so that she was lying down his front. Her beautiful cleft was poised above his face. Lilith giggled in anticipation. Asher gazed in wonder at the delicate folds and fine curls. It fitted together so well, but as he watched he thought he could see the big outer lips swelling, loosening already. Her scent delighted him. He noticed the skin darkened slightly between her legs and around her anus, but inside her pussy was bright pink, shiny and slippery. It moved to his touch. He loved it all, loved the feel and the taste, loved her wriggles of pleasure when he pushed his tongue into her channel.

“Oh yes, lover, but be really careful. Still very tender after the fun last night.”

He ran his finger out of her pussy and up between her bottom cheeks. The curves of her thighs were beautiful to watch, and touch. He went back inside and gently exposed her clitoris. He kissed it and felt her pause in her sucking.

“Make me come, love, but gently. You feel wonderful when you’re gentle.”

She rested her head on his hips as he licked and sucked her clitoris, and stroked her labia. He lightly scratched her back and she sighed. Her sweet clear juices leaked out and tickled his nose. Heavenly. He licked and licked, sideways, up and down, around.

“Oh yes, yes. Soooo goooood. Asher, Asher, oh God yes. Aaah. AaaaAAAaaah, oh love.”

Her tender pussy clenched, rippled then relaxed. Warm waves of pleasure flowed over her. The skin of her breasts and thighs tingled, where they brushed his hair

Her climax softened her against his body, sticking slightly with sweat. It was more like the ones she gave herself than the roaring devouring ones of last night. Her skin felt the sheet, the sunlight and Asher’s gentle stroking. She felt his cock stirring. Opening her eyes, she saw it had oozed clear drops.

Resting her head on his spread-out leg, she took him into her mouth again, tasting the salty ooze. She sucked in as much as she could and stroked his shaft and balls. Asher felt a familiar surging starting up. His skin could feel everything – Lilith’s naked body against his, the sheet underneath, her fingers sliding up and down his shaft, her tongue rolling around the head of his cock, her teeth grazing it delicately. He felt the tremors build up.

“Oh God, I’m getting close…”

“Come in me, lover, come in my mouth. Shoot into me. Give it to me.”

Asher’s legs tautened. He thrust his hips up. Lilith felt his shaft stiffen more, then pour his come into her. She felt the thick creaminess across her tongue. He saw flashes of light again. She sucked and milked him, until he lay still, gasping on the bed. She nibbled his receding cock, he groaned and wriggled weakly. The sun’s rays twinkled around them.

* * *

“Where did you find lassi this early?” Lilith sipped the rich drink slowly. “Makes a great breakfast, though.”

“That must remain my dark secret,” Asher smiled. “but the fact that it’s early lunchtime for some people is a factor.”

“Ah. Time. Overrated. Never saw the value in it myself.”

“Sadly it tyrannises the best of us, but today, this weekend, all my time is yours, my love.”

“Only your time? And “My love”?? Asher, are you just, playing here? This has been so wonderful for me. I had no idea sex was this good – I don’t think my friends got it this good. I’m going crazy for you in bed. And you say “my love”… and I love you, I think – hell, I know I do. Not just in bed. Your eyes, your smile, your respect. I love you. My feelings, they’re so mixed up, I want to cry and laugh, I want to shout from the window. But you…”

“I said it, and I meant it. My love. My lover. You came into my life, and my life said, here she is at last. And just look at her! I was just too thick, and stuck in work, to realise. I was jealous of the boyfriend, I can admit now. When I found out he was imaginary, I was like a kid at the fair with an extra ride ticket.

“Where are we going? What next? I honestly don’t know. I can see us together a long tme, but I can’t hold you back. I couldn’t do that to you. Right now, I want you, as you are, right here. Ha! I sound sooo corny, but how else do I say it.”



“Hold me.”

* * *

The motor hummed. Trees whipped past. It was a back road, with lazy hills and rolling fields, Asher knew the road and his car, and the driving was easy. On the back seat were some new beach towels, clothes and a rough-and-ready picnic hurriedly bought at the shops near Lilith’s flat. They had also dropped into a chemist’s and fixed up some contraception. Dad’s phone call had мейд things clear to Lilith: this was love, and great sex. She would treasure Asher’s baby, but now was not the moment. “I can see us together a long time.” The words sat warmly in her mind.

The sun beat warmly on her skin. They were driving to a special beach, just outside the city, a “clothing optional” one. Asher had been pleased to note her walking around naked. Definitely the best interior decoration you could do, he’d said. The idea of going nude in public had aroused them both. “You’d better make sure your arousal isn’t too obvious, big boy!” Lilith said with a cheeky smile.

“Ten minutes, tops.” said Asher, “You can see the big trees along the shoreline. A few more bends and – Lilith!”

Lilith had slipped the seatbelt sash over her head and behind her. She had peeled off her top and now was naked from the waist up. How had he not noticed? He noticed now. Noticed her small breasts resting easily on her chest, shining in the sunlight. Noticed her sly smile.

“They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful. Milk chocolate.”

Lilith looked down at her nipples. “Milk chocolate?” she laughed, “I suppose they are that colour. Never thought about it. Let’s buy some chocolate, I’ll put some on in the sun and you can lick them clean!”

“Oh Lilith, not while I’m driving!”

In answer, she reached over and undid his pants, dived in and eased out his cock. He gasped. His cock grew in her eager хэнд as she began stroking it up and down. It felt incredible, but Asher was terrified something bad would happen at speed on a country road. He looked at her and she nodded. He pulled onto the shoulder of the road, perhaps slightly too fast. Lilith was already bending over him, sucking his cock into her hungry mouth. Asher looked down at her bare back and stroked it, running his хэнд down to her bottom which was showing as she bent over. He wriggled into the warmth of her panties.

This is crazy. This is a cliche. What am I doing. Lilith wondered to herself, but didn’t really care. This was fun, Asher was loving it, it was all part of this surreal weekend. She smelt the car smells along with Asher’s cock as she worked the shaft and lightly nibbled the head. The access wasnt great, but was easier when he took his seat belt off and lay the seat back.

She also loved the feel of his хэнд on her bare back, going down her spine, caressing her shoulders, trying not clutch as he reached his peak.

She sensed the now familiar stiffening of his leg muscles, his heavy breathing, the twitching of his cock. He let out a long moaning sigh and came copiously into her mouth. She sucked the sticky fluid from him, mildly surprised at how normal this was starting to feel. The strongest feeling was love for Asher. He loves this, I want to do it for him, because I love him.

“Oh Lilith, you’re amazing. Wonderful. Still frightening.”

“Now you owe me the chocolate.”

“The chocolate! I may not be able to drive to the shop, or get out of the car. Oh love, I hope I’m strong enough for you!”

“You’ve done all right so far. And it’s like exercise isn’t it? You get better as you go along.”

* * *

The beach was perfect. It was very ordinary in a way. Couples lounging, single people, even one or two families with little children; swimmers, sunbathers; just without clothes on. The range of ages, shapes and sizes was startling.

Lilith revelled in the freedom of her nudity. The slightest breezes seemed to excite her skin. Her nipples especially enjoyed the air. She felt more alive than ever.

Swimming naked was another amazing experience. Somehow all her skin was alive to the water, even though she often wore little more than a bikini as a rule. They enjoyed the wobbly shapes her breasts мейд in the water. She got the giggles, and only Asher’s long tender salty kisses seemed to help.

Asher had tried it before, and knew the luxurious feeling. Seeing this vivacious woman and her delight gave him a surge of tenderness. Seeing the triangles of pale skin on her breasts and across her groin, and especially over her bottom, brought up his desire. He could not take his eyes off her as she walked lightly along the wet sand, naked and free. Her light step and womanly curves were etched in his mind forever.

Chocolate games didn’t quite seem the thing to do at this family beach. They looked sorrowfully at the block and each other, then burst out laughing. Asher broke off a square, put it between his teeth and fed it to Lilith. It was a delicate operation, and amazingly sexy. The chocolate smeared itself on their lips and they licked it off each other. The whole time their eyes were locked, but so close their lashes brushed the other’s cheek.

“You were right about the colour, but you still owe me a nipple-wash!”

“Y’know, I’d like to stare at your nipples for a long while, just to make sure. Your natural beauty, and this nature, I’ll never get enough of it. Lilith my love, I owe you more than chocolate.”

Lilith now felt a surge of tender care for this wonderful man, and a swell of desire. “Asher take me into the trees and make love to me. The tigress is resting, and I want to give you all the pleasure I can. Just for you.”

Asher smiled his beautiful smile, stood and held out his хэнд to her. She rose and snuggled into his embrace. In his arms the soft crash of the waves was a gentle sighing. The sun tingled her skin.

He put their few items up amongst the trees, taking only the new beach towels. He led them down a sandy path between the giant trees. Not far in was a glade. Sunlight dappled the grassy sand. The sea was a faraway soughing. The wind rustled the tops of the trees, but at ground level, it was quite still.

Asher laid out the towels and sat down cross-legged. He pulled Lilith down into his lap and embraced her. She sat in his lap, her legs parted widely around him. She could feel the air moving over her spread pussy. They kissed long and tenderly, exploring each others lips and teeth and tongues. He kissed her ears, her neck, her shoulders. She shivered with desire. He nuzzled her small breasts, kissing and suckling on the chocolate-brown nipples. They hardened to his touch, and he noticed the change in her breathing.

With her help he gently lifted her and laid her out on the towels. Kneeling beside her, he kissed her forehead, her nose and downwards. Her chest and nipples, her ribs rising and falling, her belly button. He went over her vee of dark curly hair, her smooth thighs and down to lightly bite her toes. She sighed and spread her legs for him. Her pussy lips parted slightly.

He lay between her legs. He could feel the warm sun on his back, smell the juices of her arousal rising up. He nodded to her. She understood, and took his throbbing cock in her hands. She rubbed the head up and down her slippery cleft, enjoying the anticipation and the pressure she could control. Using his cock, she scooped the juices from her vagina and rubbed over and around her clitoris. Tingles shot up and down her body, the sensation heightened by the air moving across her skin. She found the right place at the right angle. Staring into her lover’s eyes, she pulled her moist pussy lips open and eased his cock in.

“Lilith. Fuck, that feels… I’m in heaven.”

“You’re right here with me, lover. You’re inside me, you’re in my cunt and God you feel wonderful. Fuck me really gently, love.” Lilith stroked Asher’s head and shoulders.

Lilith felt the sand shifting under her bottom as she brought up her knees. Asher started moving very slowly. She could feel every nerve of her vagina gripping his shaft, caressing it. He had a faraway look in his eyes. She pulled his head down and kissed him lovingly.

Time stopped for them. There was only the warm sun, the sound of waves and their bodies brushing, sticking, entering, receiving. They мейд love slowly, endlessly, pausing to kiss, for Asher to feel his cock buried so deeply in his lover. Pausing for Lilith to clamp her legs around him and feel the change of angle of her lover’s cock. They both felt her juices between them, sticking and sliding. The sun and the breeze caressed them both.

Asher sat up and tucked his legs under her thighs. He could see his cock disappearing into Lilith, see her breathing and see her breasts jiggle slightly with his movement. The sun dappled her skin. Some sand had stuck to her nipple, and Asher playfully rubbed it against the hard brown button. She breathed in sharply.

He lifted her leg over and gently rolled her onto her side, still thrusting slowly. She tucked her leg up and ran her хэнд down over her thigh. Her fingers could feel the hard shaft entering her, feel her pussy lips stretching easily to take his cock deep inside. Asher lifted her buttock up with one хэнд so he could see her pussy and her хэнд better, and bring his other хэнд in. He chased her fingers, pulled her labia, tickled her anus or rustled her curly hairs. In the sunlight his cock gleamed from her copious juices, which glistened on his and her pubic hair. His balls slid easily across her lower thigh.

“Asher love, this is heaven.”

“You’re right here with me, lover. I’m in you, we’re making love and you are wonderful. I don’t want this to end, but I do want to come.”

“Come in me now, we’ll do this again, I promise. Come for me, but be gentle, love. Make that big cock fill me till it pours out.”

“Lilith, I love your bad talk.”

Asher picked up speed slightly, lying down face to face again. Lilith scratched lines down his back, which felt like electric currents into his groin. She cupped his buttocks and kneaded them. Asher panted. If she stretched she could just stroke his balls. Asher felt tingles all over his body. The holding back of his thrusting, and her light fingers sent him over at last. He thrust his cock deep into her once and felt the ripples of come surging out, spurting from him in wave after wave. Her vagina clasped him and he spurted more. Lilith smiled tenderly up at him, gently holding his head.

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