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First Timers Sara and Billy

First Timers Sara and Billy

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All through their high school senior year, Billy secretly desired Sara. Sara was everything he wasn’t. Billy was a loner. Sara was involved in many on campus clubs. Sara always made it a point to talk to Billy. Billy at first, thought the popular girl must have wanted or needed something, to be talking to him. Sara thought Billy was an old soul. Sometimes it felt like he could see into her, where others their ages didn’t see past their noses.

At graduation, one of his friends had snapped a shot of Sara hugging him. He had kept this picture in his wallet hiding, pulling it out often, wondering where she had ended up. He had stayed in the area, to help his grandparents, and was attending the local community college.

Just two weeks after fall semester started, he spied her, walking into the women’s locker room. He hung around a while to ‘run’ into her when she came out. Standing by the gates to the pool that was attached to the locker rooms he saw her again.

It was too early for a swim class she must be swimming by herself. Billy took a deep breath and went through the men’s locker room through to the pool area. Going over to the stadium seating, he spread out his class work, to look like he was there to study.

Sara saw the lanky man wander over to the concrete benches, and pull out books. She guessed he was doing some studying and went back to her lap swimming. Something nagged at her about him. Whenever she looked over the water at him he seemed to be staring her way. He was familiar to her, of that she was sure. She promised herself, as soon as she was finished with her last 10 lengths she’d go see.

Billy watched covertly as she pulled her hour glass figure out of the water, grabbing her towel and vigorously dried off. Adjusting her modest bikini, over her ample breasts and bottom, she was walking straight to him. As she got closer, her throaty laugh made him smile as always. She cried his name and jumped into his startled hug, squeezing him tight and still holding him as she started talking, asking about his summer and such.

Remembering that she was wet, she quickly stepped back apologizing for getting his clothes wet and proceeded to brush him with her towel as if to dry him. Billy’s body was assailed with sensations. But mainly he was thrilled she seemed so happy to see him.

Billy looked down at her upturned face, as she was remarking about how much taller he was since the last time they saw each other. She laughed and hopped up on the first step to try to be eye level with him. She succeeded in bringing her bouncy breasts closer to his face! Billy was in a trance watching them bounce and jiggle, until they were finally completely still. Sara was giggling now, pointing out how they move even more when she laughs. Billy reddened and blushed apologized, and she waved it off saying she took it as a compliment. Sara reached out and rubbed his arm gently, telling him how his red gold hair had fascinated her in school.

Billy stood and took off his shirt, showing her it was allover. He couldn’t believe what he was doing, but he figured he might as well go for it. The workouts had been worth it as she gasped seeing his nicely toned body. Sara’s face beamed! Billy its like your golden! Running her fingers lightly over the short fur on his chest, making sure to make contact with his nipples, stepping forward she ran her face on his chest enjoying the feel of it tickling her. Billy shut his eyes leaned his head back and groaned at the contact, his mind reeling.

Sara snaked her hands up to Billy’s neck and on her tippy toes pulled his face down to hers. She huskily asked him if he was seeing anyone, and when he replied no, she answered good into his mouth as they shared their first kiss. Billy was rock hard and they both knew it. Cupping her round ass in his big hands, he dragged her up closer to him.

His erection was huge! Sara was very pleasantly surprised; it seemed to press into her whole torso. Sara told Billy that maybe they should sit down since they were going to need to cool off and get to their classes soon. Classes were, the last thing he was wanting to get to. Sara said they had all night and then who knows for that, so he could just be patient for the rest of the day, she would promise to make it worth the wait.

Billy nuzzling her ear told her he had been waiting for a long time to feel and kiss her. Cupping his face she showered him with light kisses ending on his mouth again. He tasted like spiced cake. She thought she could kiss him for days.

They made plans to meet up again there at the pool, at 8pm after his last class was finished, and she’d be done with her night laps. Kissing again they said their goodbyes and both left.

Billy spent his day in a haze. After leaving her, he went directly to a stall in the locker room and quickly unloaded his aching balls. He couldn’t believe his luck. Berating himself for not having made a move sooner. Well all he could do now is make up for lost time. Two more times during the day he had to relieve himself. He wanted to last a long time with her later. He was so nervous he barely ate anything.

Sara was on cloud 9. As she washed herself in the communal showers there in the locker room, she was alone and brought herself off quickly and violently, her legs were shaking and weak as she flooded them with her cum. She had always wondered about Billy, figuring the strong silent one must have a girlfriend. Having just turned 18, what a way to celebrate! Eager through her classes, she was soaked the remainder of the day.

Slipping into her suit at 6:45 that night she wanted it to be 8pm already! The deep pool was being worked on and so was missing a good 3 feet of water, so she used the shallow pool to do her exercises.

As usual at night she unlocked the combination lock on the controls, and shut off all the pool lights, and the bleacher lights. The night security guard and she were old friends, so he knew that meant she was doing laps.

Standing after a set to catch her breath, she saw Billy come out of the locker room. He stopped short, since the lights were off, but Sara called to him and explained. Stopping at the bench where her towel was, he shucked all his clothes and turned to her in the buff. She openly admired his lean form, and the menacing half hard thickness bobbing as he walked.

Sitting on the side of the pool to get used to the slightly cool temperature water, Sara swam over to him. Tugging her bottom off she wrung them out over his bulge saying fair is fair. Turning around she scooped up her almost waist long hair and gave Billy her back so he could untie her top. Pulling it off he wrung it out over her as she stood and he got his first frontal fully nude image of her. His cock jumped at the sight of her large areola and hard dark nipples.

Sliding into the pool he hugged her to him and she automatically wrapped her arms and legs around him. His erection bobbed between them like a buoy. Kissing him she let go of his neck and placed both her hands around his member. She told him to go to his knees under water so he’d be a little shorter for a sec. Rising up she impaled herself on him, only getting the first 3 or 4 inches into her tight sheath. Wrapping her limbs around him again he stood and pulled her down onto him with a handful of thrusts completely claimed her throbbing heat. Sara was sobbing. Billy froze scared he had injured her. Sara explained that it was the first time she had been so stretched and full. Looking into his eyes she told him it was the best pain shed ever felt. Dipping his head he sucked a nipple into his mouth and slowly started rocking his hips. Taking her cue from him she moved in the opposite direction of him circling his hips her clit was trapped against his hair and being unsheathed by every move they made. She whispered into his neck that she was close, and taking her mouth again he moaned his response. Faster they ground their bodies together until with a low growl into her neck he erupted into her grasping cunt. Throwing her head back she let out a howl as her orgasm shook through her body. Still hard and inside her, she still convulsing on him he whispered his own confession. She now owned his virginity.

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