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Something About The Way He Moved

Something About The Way He Moved

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Every day of chemistry we made perfect eye contact. Something about the way he looked at me made me feel as though he saw me in a different light than he did my peers. It was undeniable that i wanted him badly, and I think he could tell. He is the type of man that you can’t help but stare at. His beautifully ocean blue eyes contrasted perfectly with his raven black hair. His figure was to die for, not too buff, not too scrawny, just right. Just right enough to be held by and cuddled with. He is the teacher that every girl giggles about and the teacher every guy wants to party with. I had to have him. He moved from Franchinni, Italy to Arizona when he was 17 to go to school, giving him a thick Italian accent, which made him even sexier. I would say he was about 29. He was a work of art, something God spent more time on. I definitely had to have him. And something told me that he was thinking the same thing about me…

Now I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I am quite a looker. Long dark hair, green eyes, olive skin, a great bust, washboard abs (kudos to my swim coach), and amazing lips. You could say I was Ms. Thing of P. Ferris High. I knew people wanted me. Guys and girls alike. But I wanted nothing to do with them. I had a few casual boyfriends here and there. I even let a few guys finger fuck me. But I was holding out for someone I actually liked. Someone like Mr. Blassioli. Maybe even him…

Senior Year: Chemistry

“Okay class, take out your textbooks and turn to page 334. Today we are learning about…”

I drifted off, not ignoring Mr. Blassioli, or but more along the lines of…”undressing him with my eyes.” You could see his huge manhood through his slacks, everyone knew he was packing some major heat. I imagined him fucking me on top of the lab counters in the classroom. Although he didn’t seem like the pounding type (more like the sweet, romantic love making type), I wanted him to fuck me hard. I felt my groin pulsing at the thought of it. I immediately turned a bright red and snapped back in to it, in fear that someone knew what I was thinking about. I heard my name. What?

“Nicole? Nicole? Someone wake her up…Ms. Cutler, I see you after school at 3. Try to pay attention.” (Mind you, his english is poor)

Shit, he caught me. Oh well, more time alone with Mr. Blassioli meant more to me than hanging out in the school parking lot with my juvenile friends…Wait…Wait that’s it! Today is my chance. I can seduce the hell out of Mr. Blassioli and finally feel everything I have been imagining. I constantly catch him taking a peek down my shirt. Not that I minded or anything, but it gave me more confidence for what I was preparing to do at 3:00 today.

The rest of the day was a blur. I think I slept through the last 2 classes and then I woke up finding myself zombie walking to Mr. Blassioli’s office. I had never been there before. Teacher’s offices are in the corners of their rooms. Privacy. Just what I needed. I approached the closed door with caution, taking an extra second to give myself a reality check.

Knock. Knock. Kn-

“The door open.” (God I loved his poor english!)

His voice interrupted my last knock, throwing me in to shock. For some reason, I was thinking he wouldn’t be there. But he was. Oh, baby, he was!

“Hi Mr. Blassioli. You wanted to see me.”

“Yes, Ms. Cutler. It seems you have a problem paying attention. Now, what is the deal?”

“I’m sorry, you know how it can be tiring listening to teachers all day long. I just…I’m sorry. But I…I have trouble with chemistry. I don’t understand it. “

“What do not you understand?” He motioned for me to sit in the chair next to him. I was definitely going for it. I casually walked over there. And…of course…He was looking at my chest. I sat down and took out a notebook of the day’s notes.

“The lesson from today, I just don’t get it.”

I leaned in closer, our noses almost touching. I could see it in his eyes that he understood why I was so close. I felt a strong heat in my pussy. It was building up. Then, suddenly, his hand was on my knee, just at the edge of my skirt. Every nerve in my body was in shock. He gave me a very sexy smile, I knew what was coming. I leaned in and placed my lips on his. Oh so sensual! He pulled back. What did I do wrong?

“Is this right?”

“W-…I don’t…”

“You know,” He moved his hand higher up to my thigh sending shivers down my spine “I have always thought you were special girl. You are beautiful girl and I have think about this since first day I met. You will not say anything, no?”

I smiled, giving him the response he was satisfied with. Slowly, I moved in again and grabbed hold of his big hand and slid it up my skirt on the heat of my body. I was almost shaking. He put his other hand on my shoulder for reassurance. I took the courage to start unbuttoning his dress shirt. His masculine chest hair was making me so horny. I was about to fuck him right then and there, but just as I thought, he did me with passion. Slowly he stood up and motioned for me to do the same. He placed me with my ass against his desk and his throbbing cock against my hungry pussy. He began to kiss my neck.

God, this man was good! Who knows how, but with one hand he unbuttoned my shirt in a matter of two seconds. His strong hand was placed on my left breast. He began to massage it and I felt his breaths becoming heavier and faster. My body was screaming at what this man was doing to me. He unclasped my bra and it fell to the floor. His mouth made its way to one of my nipples. He sucked on it and nibbled it causing me to almost orgasm. Now this had been done to me before, but never had someone given me a near orgasm by only fondling my chest. His slippery tongue drew circles on my nipple making me so wet. Then, after what seemed like hours, he slowly unzipped my skirt. It fell in the same manner as my bra. He smiled at me and whispered an Italin phrase in to my ear. “Il mio fiore prezioso” (It translates in to “my precious flower”.

He traced the pattern of a flower outline on my underwear. My knees almost buckled. I began to undo his belt and he closed his eyes. We were both in ecstasy, no doubt. I undid his slacks and slid off his briefs, exposing his enormous, erect penis. I had no idea how that was going to fit in to me without causing me excruciating pain, but it was going to. He eased off my lacy black underwear and began to tickle my thighs with his soft hands. Teasing my every erogenous zone. Finally he took his index finger and slid it between my vaginal lips. My wetness had made it slippery. I made my way to his ear and sucked on it, making him let out a soft moan. He then whispered “Rendete me il tatto vivo” (translating to: You make me feel alive).

He slid his finger into my tight vagina which hurt a bit, but felt so good. Slow at first, but then faster and faster. He then took another finger and did the same. The pain was almost too much. I bit his shoulder which only made him finger fuck me harder. I wanted him to fuck me. It was like he knew what I wanted. He remover his fingers and then sat me up on his desk and planted kisses all over my body. He planted a soft kiss on my clit which sent shock waves down my body. He then put his arms around me and rubbed my clit with his rock hard shaft. I was going to have an orgasm. He rubbed it soft then hard then soft again. The variation of pressure put me in ecstasy and i came on his hard cock. That orgasm was my first, but not my last with Mr. Blassioli. He then inserted his dick into my tight pussy which hurt much more than the fingers. He did it slowly. A tear ran down my cheek and he kissed it off of me. I was digging my nails in to his back, which made him fuck me harder. It then felt as though he broke through a barrier inside of me and his entire penis was inside of me.

This was a good kind of hurt. I was moaning louder and he was too. His thrusts in to me were becoming harder and faster. I cried out “Oh God Mr. Blassioli, fuck me harder!”

“Antony. Call…me…ungg…Antony…ohh baby…Nicole you make me feel soooo good. I fuck you as hard as you want. I want to make you feel good.”

“Antony, harder, faster, faster…Oh God Antony.”

We were moaning and I was crying his name out. I don’t know how we didn’t get caught. But thank God we didn’t.

At that moment, we orgasmed simultaneously. His hot cum mixed with my hot juices. And he rested on my shoulder. His wavy black hair tickled my chest. Our hot and sweaty bodies tangled up in one another. It was a beautiful thing. He kissed me over and over again until I had to go to swimming practice.

We dressed and couldn’t keep our eyes off of each other. When I was leaving he stopped me. He turned me to him, kissed me long and hard while caressing my ass cheeks. Then he said something I will never forget. “Making love to you was the greatest thing God could have allowed me to do.”

I kissed him back hard. I started crying into his chest and he held on to me. He even started to tear. We both knew it was wrong. But it felt so right. After what felt like an eternity he tilted my chin up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I walked away knowing that what we had done was the start of something that would lead to great pain and strife. But it would also lead to love.

Mr. Blassioli resigned as an employee of my high school. I thought I had scared him off, being a threat to his career. But little did I know that he did it for us. So that we could be together. And we were together. And we are together.

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