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Allison & Rick Ch. 01

Allison & Rick Ch. 01


My friend Jen and I wrote this together as chain story. We had quite a bit of fun doing it so we thought we’d share it with you. We hope you enjoy it and welcome comments.

* * * * *

Allison was so happy the weather was finally warming up. It seemed like it went from winter to summer in a heartbeat here. She was out weeding the garden and preparing it for planting. It was really hot and she could feel the perspiration dripping down between her breasts. She took her t-shirt and tied it up under her breasts and smiled as the breeze hit her bare midriff. This look wouldn’t get her a fashion award at the PTA meetings, but maybe something teenage girls were doing right now fashion-wise wasn’t so bad after all.

She bent down to continue weeding and saw movement in the neighbor’s yard. She stood to look over the fence to see who it was and noticed the neighbor boy out throwing a ball for his dog. “Wow… he sure has grown up this year,” she thought to herself as she admired his biceps and 6-pack stomach. She stooped to continue weeding with occasional glances at the yard next door. “Oh to be young again,” Allison thought…realizing that if she had seen the neighbor boy when she was a teenager she would have been flirting with every fiber of her being.

Finishing up in the garden she went inside for a drink of water. Pressing the cold glass against her forehead and lifting her shirt to press it between her breasts, she realized that she was still thinking of the boy. She imagined what it would be like to be with an eager sexual partner, unlike her husband whose interest in sex had declined rapidly through the years. As she imagined the boy she ran her hand around the waistband of her cut-off shorts… thinking she might have to get some relief from this feeling sometime today.


Rick stood staring into the woods behind his mom and dad’s house as the dog ran laps around the yard. It was going to be a long summer. He had just graduated from high school with high hopes for a fun summer and a better fall at state college. All of his hopes had been dashed this morning though. Tiffany, his girlfriend, had called and broken up with him. His mom, Gloria, had informed him that they couldn’t afford state college since his dad had left them practically penniless when he ran off to Las Vegas with his assistant. His dad didn’t leave him the old station wagon he’d promised him for graduation. So, Rick had no escape. He couldn’t even talk to his best friend Lanny because he had joined the army two days after graduation.

Rick’s future now included getting some crummy part-time job and attending community college. Even worse, he was stuck in the house with his mom and his sister. The two of them tortured him even more than they’d ever know. Since his dad left, they’d counted on him for all the heavy work around the house and they’d also begun to be more affectionate to him. They were always hugging and kissing him and they’d even started wearing skimpier outfits around the house. They were, in fact, driving him crazy.

Rick felt his cock begin to stiffen in his shorts as he thought about meeting his sister Jean coming out of the bathroom just a few minutes earlier. She’d been stark naked except for a towel wrapped around her head.

“Oh sorry,” she’d said, “Only one towel in there. Now, don’t look.”

Don’t look? When those upturned breasts that he’d dreamed about were there to behold? She must be kidding.

Jean’s lithe 5’4″ frame was full of curves. Her brown curly hair flowed gently to the tops of her shoulders and framed her doll-like face. Those beautiful breasts sat high on her chest and a rock-hard tummy led to a delightful patch of dark fur nestled between her well-tanned legs. She was a goddess, even if she was his sister.

Rick had just stammered something like “excuse me” and turned toward the kitchen where his mom was standing at the sink in a sheer nightgown. The sun was coming in through the window over the sink and Rick could tell she wore nothing under the gown.

Rick had quickly changed course and headed out the back door to the deck. Even the dog was all over him, but throwing the ball solved that problem.

Rick wasn’t sure how he could solve the rest of his worries. He needed money for school, for a car and for his family. Most of all, Rick knew, he needed to get laid. That would be the cure for the inappropriate feelings he was having around his mom and sister. That would also be the cure for the secret he’d hid from his friends in high school, at 18, Rick was still a virgin.

Rick spotted Allison Sweeney working in her back yard. Even Mrs. Sweeney had tortured him some. Two nights ago, Rick had been sneaking in the back way a little late and was treated to the vision of Allison Sweeney naked in the window of their bedroom. He couldn’t help but stop and watch as she admired herself in her dresser mirror, turning this way and that, while caressing her skin and her heaving breasts. Yes, Mrs. Sweeney had been the subject of Rick’s fantasies for a few years now. Rick knew that her husband owned a huge car lot downtown and seemed to work all the time.

Rick quickly developed a plan. Mrs. Sweeney had always been very nice to him. Her husband had paid him to do a few odd jobs over the years. Maybe, with Mrs. Sweeney’s help he could talk Mr. Sweeney into a job – maybe a job that would allow him a car to drive. Sweeney Chevrolet was bound to have an old clunker he could use. With a car, he’d have some freedom and a much higher chance of coaxing some young lady into the back seat. Hey, maybe Mrs. Sweeney would want to go for a ride. He sure wouldn’t mind that.

So, with a renewed sense of hope, Rick headed next door. He’d get a job, a car, and get laid before the summer was out. Maybe this summer wouldn’t be so bad after all.


Allison peaked out the window one more time, just in time to catch Rick disappearing into the house. She walked up to the shower, stripping off her sweaty clothing as she went, planning on taking a quick shower and getting ready to zip over to the mall for a few things. She gathered her clothing, dumped them in the hamper and turned on the water; her hand resting on her lower stomach just basking for a moment in the feeling of warm and wetness between her legs. She stepped into the warm water and let it run over her body. Washing the sweat and garden grime away… letting the water run over her hair and face. Massaging her breasts with soap and feeling her nipples harden. Pinching each nipple and letting out an involuntary groan as she got even more turned on.

Her hands made their way down between her legs and she rubbed herself and moaned again. Closing her eyes and getting lost in the sensual feelings. Her hands continued to slip over her body and she imagined they were the hands of a lover. She couldn’t get the idea of Rick out of her head since she saw him again. Remembering her fantasies of teaching a boy how to best please a woman, she continued to rub her clit harder now. Allison smirked as she thought of all the things that a man should know, and so many wouldn’t know. She felt she could make this boy a terrific lover if only she got the chance to be with him.

Shaking herself out of her fantasy she turned off the shower and stepped out, rubbing her body off, paying particular attention to that spot between her legs. Pulling on her robe she started to put lotion on her legs when she heard the doorbell ring. Wondering who it might be at 1:00 in the afternoon she pulled her robe on and scampered down the stairs to get the door.


Rick had high hopes as he pressed the doorbell on the Sweeney’s front porch. Allison Sweeney would help him get a job with her husband for sure. What he saw when the door opened nearly blew his mind though. Allison was standing there in the shortest, thinnest robe he’d ever seen. Her nipples were clearly visible through the material though the overlap left the lower portion of Allison’s body somewhat to the imagination. The robe didn’t hide her shapely tanned legs at all. Rick was mesmerized.

“Uhm.. hi Allis.. uhm Mrs. Sweeney,” he stammered.

“Hi Rick,” she replied with a smile as she crossed her arms over her breasts, momentarily hiding her nipples from his obvious stare. “What can I do for you?” she asked.

Rick blushed a little as he realized he’d been busted staring at her chest. He was even more unnerved when Allison seemed to forget and again let her arms drop down again revealing her breasts through the thin, slightly damp, pink fabric. “Well… I was uhm… wondering if you could help me with something?” Rick managed while his eyes involuntarily darted from her face to her breasts and back again.

Allison seemed amused as she responded: “Well, I’ll sure try Rick.” “Come on in and have a seat dear.” “What is it that you need help with sweetie?” Rick was glad for the opportunity to sit and attempt to both hide the rapidly growing erection in his shorts and to try to again organize his thoughts. Everything that seemed so clear just a few minutes ago had vanished from his mind. All he could think of was the beautiful woman sitting next to him on the sofa.

Allison Sweeney was beautiful. Her shoulder length, light brown hair was still slightly damp and it framed her lovely face with little ringlets of curls. Her green eyes held a touch of gold and sparkled her amusement as well as her desire. Perhaps, the most alluring feature of Allison’s face were the bow-shaped lips that were just full enough but which seemed to move in a thousand subtle ways to indicate her moods and feelings. As inexperienced as he was, even Rick could sense the attraction. While he might not have recognized the intensity or the urgency of it, Rick knew it was there and nearly jumped out of his skin when Allison touched his arm lightly as she brought him from his reverie.

“You were saying?”

“Oh,” Rick practically shouted. “I need a job. Uhm.. that is.. I was hoping you could help your husband hire me… I mean, I was hoping you could help me get a job with your husband. Since my dad left, we don’t have much money and I can’t go to school at State so my girlfriend dumped me and I’m without a car or anything and my mom and my sister are making me hard… I mean are making it hard.. that is… difficult for me to… I’m sorry Mrs. Sweeney… I know I’m not making much sense… I’m just a little nervous is all.”

“It’s okay, Rick” Allison comforted. “You just need to relax. I understand that you need a job. I’m really sorry that your dad left you guys in such bad shape. Now, I don’t have much say-so in who Jack hires, but I think I can help you though. The first thing we need to do is get you relaxed so that you can march right up to Jack and ask him for what you want.”

“Gee… thank you Mrs. Sweeney.” Rick interrupted. “I really appreciate you doing this for me.”

“Well, I haven’t done anything yet Ricky.” Allison paused and looked deep into Rick’s eyes in a fashion that first made Rick uncomfortable. The feeling soon turned to enjoyment as Rick realized that he was being looked at not as the little boy next door but as a man… and by a very sexy and attractive woman.

“I do think I know just what it will take to relax you though. In fact, I think this will do us both some good.”

Allison Sweeney took Rick’s hand and pulled him from the sofa. As she turned and led him from the living room and down the hall of their home, the sash on her robe came untied. Allison didn’t bother to re-tie it. Rick felt his hand grow moist as he let himself be lead. He adjusted the again growing erection in his shorts and tried to calm his breath as he looked at the sensual goddess in front of him. No, this summer wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

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