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Lovers At The Beach

Lovers At The Beach


~Chapter 1~

“Wow, this is so much fun!” Kristy exclaimed as she splashed in the waves of the ocean. She had never been to a beach until now.

“I’m glad you are enjoying yourself, Kristy!,” said Brad with a smile.

Bradley McDaniel had been Kristy’s steady boyfriend since they met in the fourth grade back in New York. They were always inseparable and were always being seen together wherever they went. He loved her very much and had something he’d been aching to tell her for such a long time, but had never had the courage to.

Brad was lying on a towel on the slowly warming sand, the sun blaring down on his athletic, tanned body; the smell of the salty ocean air filling him with a sense of relaxation. He had almost fallen asleep, when Kristy came up to the spot where he lay, and quietly lay down beside him, reaching over, kissing him passionately on his slightly wet lips.

“Hey baby,” he said, in a sleep-like state.

He sat up slowly, and said, “Sweetie, would you like to go up to our hotel room and take a shower, then we could go do some shopping, if you like.”

“Oh Brad,” Kristy said with a hug and a kiss, “I would love to go shopping!” “I will go up and take a shower and then I will be ready to go. Thanks honey.”

With a big hug and a quick kiss, she quickly and happily jogged up the beach towards the hotel lobby doors. Brad, still standing on the beach, watched her jog up the beach, smiling and thinking to himself, “I must be the luckiest guy on Earth to have found such a wonderful girl like her.”

~Chapter 2~

About an hour later, Kristy had showered, dressed, and taken special care in putting on her makeup. She grabbed her tiny sequined purse and put the strap on her shoulder, turned out the hotel room lights, and proceeded out the door and down the stairs to Brad’s red metallic convertible.

Waiting for her with the passenger side car door open, was Brad, who smiled as she entered the car.

They drove off down the endless strip of hotels, bars, clubs, casinos, and the other various places of life at the beach. When they arrived at the shopping mall, Brad went to Kristy’s side of the car and opened the door for her, taking her hand in his as she stepped out of the vehicle. They went through the mall, and she found many outfits she liked, and she bought them. Brad told her he would be back in a second; he had to take care of something. She stood, browsing through endless shelves of CD’s and DVD’s, waiting for her boyfriend’s return.

Meanwhile, Brad walked quickly towards a jewelry store, looking back to make sure Kristy did not know where he was going. She didn’t. “Good,” he thought.

He went into the store and gazed at the many diamond engagement rings in the display case. “So many to choose from,” he thought.

After a little while of looking at the rings, he decided on one that had double twisted golden rings on it, with a medium-sized heart-shaped diamond in the center of the two rings. He took it up to the clerk and purchased the ring. The ring totaled out to be four thousand dollars.

The clerk put the delicate ring in a shiny, metallic and velvet blue box and placed it inside a bag with the store’s logo on it.

“Thank you,” said Brad, as he carefully placed the bag in his fanny pouch he was carrying.

He walked out of the store and back to Kristy, thinking to himself, “Tonight will be perfect. I will take her out to a nice dinner, propose to her, and then we can make love for the first time.”

For these two, it would be both their first times. They had both promised to remain virgins until the time was right, and he was certain that tonight would be the night.

~Chapter 3~

Later that evening, around eight o’clock, they got dressed and went out to the fanciest restaurant at the beach, called “The Palace of Love”.

When they walked in and sat in the booth at their table, candles were lit all around them, making it a romantic setting. They both ordered a light meal consisting of a salad, and a chicken and spaghetti plate to share, and a light wine to set off the evening.

Once they were finished eating, and Kristy began to get up to leave, Brad reached into his tux pocket and retrieved the small box, which contained the ring. He said, “Honey, I have something to ask you.”

At that moment, he stood up, kneeled down on one knee and said, “Kristy Conner, will you marry me?”

She looked at him with tears beginning to form in her eyes, and said, “Yes, Bradley, I will marry you.”

They stood up and kissed long and sweetly as everyone in the restaurant cheered. Then they walked hand-in-hand out to their car.

When they got back to their hotel room, they turned on the lights and hugged each other. Kristy went to take a shower and Brad began to set up the room for the special night that was hopefully to come.

He set up the candles around the room, and he dimmed the lights. He also turned on some soft, low music and put a silk bed spread on the king sized bed.

He walked up to the bathroom door, which was slightly cracked and whispered softly, “Are you almost finished sweetie? I have a surprise for you.”

“Yes,” she said, as he heard the water cutting off. I will be out in a second.

“Okay,” he replied as he walked towards the bed again, and sat on the edge.

She walked out of the bathroom and she heard the soft music playing.

“Oh, Bradley, this is so romantic. I love you.”

“I love you, too Kristy,” he said as he slowly rose up off of the bed. He pulled her to him and began slowly kissing her, needing her. He slowly parted her lips and inserted his tongue inside her mouth. She responded with her tongue meeting his as if dancing, and he realized her need immediately, because she arched her back to him.

He slowly ran his fingers up the small of her back as they kept kissing. She shuddered with pleasure and arched into him again. He could tell she was ready. They remained kissing for a little bit longer, and then they slowly made their way to the bed.

Brad slowly began to unbutton Kristy’s silken blouse, and slowly pushed it down her arms and onto the floor. Then the proceeded to slowly remove her bra and last, her skirt and thong. She then proceeded to remove his shirt, and slowly unzipped his pants, removed those, and teasingly removed his briefs. She then whispered in his ear, “Make love to me Bradley, please”

She didn’t need to ask a second time. He picked up her delicate porcelain skinned body and placed her on the bed. He lay down on top of her and she parted her legs. He lowered himself down, and touched his virgin penis to her wet, virgin vagina.

He slowly, carefully slid into her and she shuddered as he did. He did not want to hurt her in any way. He made sure she was okay and he proceeded to enter her farther, until he reached a slight hardness. She shuddered and shivered again as he slid in and broke her barrier. She was a woman now. He slid in the rest of the way, and she parted her legs more. He slowly began to thrust in and out of her, deeper as he went. He thrust in and out of her again and again, as she cried out in pure pleasure.

“Ooooh Brad!! Oooh! Oooooh! Oooooooohh!!,” she screamed as he thrust faster into and out of her, causing her to arch her back and have her first orgasm.

“Ooooh Kristy!!,” he moaned as they both began to climax together. They shuddered in sheer pleasure and, about an hour later, they lay in silence, panting from their fist love making experience.

Kristy whispered into Brad’s ear, “You were great, this was the greatest day of my life. Thank you so much. I love you.”

“Me too, baby. I love you,” panted Brad.

They then began again to make love once more. Only this time, she wanted to try something. With Brad lying on his back, Kristy got on top of him and lowered herself onto him, and his penis entered her once again. She slowly began to rock back and forth on his penis, slowly increasing speed, and soon again, they were climaxing together.

“Oh my gosh that was GREAT!,” he exclaimed as they both lie down beside each other and fell asleep.

~Chapter 4~

For the next few days, Brad and Kristy stayed up in their hotel room, making love again and again. They fit together like hand-in-glove.

Later that week, Brad began making phone calls, planning the wedding day, which he wanted to happen as soon as possible. Later, the date was set. On July fourth, they were to be married at sunset on the beach, which is what Kristy had always wanted.

Soon enough, July fourth arrived and all of Brad and Kristy’s friends and families were there. They each said their vows, and were married.

They drove off in the white limousine parked on the beach for them, and they had their honeymoon in Hawaii, where they spent their first night as husband and wife, making love again and again, and spending wonderful time together.

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