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Always a Bridesmaid Ch. 01

Always a Bridesmaid Ch. 01

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“You look stunning Sophia. You really do.”

“Stop it. You’re the one getting married.”

Jeannine blushed. She couldn’t believe that today she was marrying her true love. It had been a whirlwind romance and now, less then four months after meeting, she was marrying Tom.

“Yeah, but you normally are so plain and ordinary. You look great.”

Sophia did look gorgeous. She looked at herself in the mirror and was shocked at what she saw. Her dark brown hair was in ringlets around her face and the make up artist had done up her face perfectly. She was wearing a burgundy dress that had a scooped neckline and long skirt. It wasn’t the typical bridesmaid’s dress, but Jeannine wasn’t the typical bride. Sophia’s tall frame looked elegant in the dress and her large breasts looked round and firm.

“Thank you. You look better though.”

“Of course I do. I am the bride you know.”

The two women giggled. They had known each other all their lives and had made a pact in high school to be each other’s maid of honor. Of course, neither one of them knew that it would take ten years for one of them to get married. If Jeannine hadn’t met Tom, she probably would not have been near to getting married and Sophia hadn’t had a boyfriend in almost two years.

Jeannine’s dress was expensive, bought at the most luxurious store in the city. Her red hair was done up perfectly and her tiara was made with real diamonds. She had on four-inch heels, partially to be close in height to her soon to be husband, but more so to be at least close in height to Sophia. She twirled the large diamond around her ring finger. The diamond was three carats and she knew that the wedding band that Tom was going to slip on her finger later today was almost four carats in total.

“You look like a princess. This is your day so whatever you want just tell me.”

The two best friends hugged tight and then made their way to the waiting limo.

The wedding was a blur for Sophia. She was nervous about being in front of all those people. She was worried about tripping down the aisle. She was worried that she would faint at the front of the church. She almost dropped Jeannine’s bouquet when she and Tom exchanged vows and almost forgot her name when she had to sign the wedding registry. On the outside, she was smiling and cheerful and the calm, down to earth bridesmaid. On the inside, she was a nervous wreck.

“Do you need some help?” Sophia almost jumped out of her dress when she heard his voice. She turned around and was met with a man that was surprisingly taller then her. Much taller actually, which meant that he was a giant compared to the other men she had dated. She was trying to open the door of the limo while holding both bouquets and making sure that her dress didn’t drag in the dirt.

“Um, yeah.” The large man opened the door with one hand while grabbing both bouquets with the other. He held the door open and smiled down at Sophia.

“I’m Ryan Adams. You’re the beautiful maid of honor.”

Sophia blushed. He was definitely a charmer. “Yes, I’m Sophia and only the bride is supposed to be beautiful on her wedding day, everyone else, especially the maid of honor, is supposed to be plain and boring.”

“Fine then. You must be the ugly maid of honor then. I’m Ryan.”

Sophia blinked. She wasn’t used to someone being so sarcastic after just meeting, but she was thankful he was there to help. He held the door open while she placed the bouquets gently on the seat. She then turned around and once again had to remember to look up towards him. “Thanks for the help.”

“You’re very welcome. Do you need any other help?” Ryan was intrigued with Sophia. He had been since he first saw her and was thankful that this opportunity arose so that he could speak to her.

“No, I’m fine. The couple is just getting some pictures done in the church garden and then we’re heading to the reception hall.”

“Sounds great. Shall I walk you to your car?”

“I came in the limo.” The moment Sophia said that aloud she realized she had a problem. In dealing with all the logistics of the day, she had forgotten one tiny detail. She had worked out exactly how the bride and groom’s family would get to and from the locations. She had made sure that the limo driver knew exactly where to go. She had made sure that Tom’s brother, Dylan, who acted as the Best Man, had transportation. She had totally forgotten about herself. She bit her lip and pouted. She was a professional at this and had rarely made a mistake.

“I’ve been to enough weddings to know that the bride and groom normally go in the limo by themselves to the reception hall. Can I assume you need a ride?” Ryan watched as this strong willed woman held herself together. He wanted to grab her and hug her tight.

“Yes. That would be very nice of you Mr. Adams. I seem to have forgotten one part of the transportation logistics.” Sophia tried to sound mature and organized, but it wasn’t working.

Ryan was about to say something when the bride and groom walked towards the limo. Sophia helped Jeannine into the car and then turned around. Without saying a word, they walked towards Ryan’s car.

Ryan drove a black S.U.V. He knew it guzzled gas and was very environmentally unfriendly. He just hadn’t had the time to go buy a new one. He was the perfect gentleman and helped Sophia into the car, making sure her long flowing gown didn’t get stuck in the door. The drive to the reception was silent. Ryan was desperate to say something to her, but knew this was not the right time.

He pulled into a parking spot and then rushed over to help Sophia out of the car.

“Thank you. I’m sorry to rush off, but I have to make sure that everything is fine for dinner.” Before he had a chance to open his mouth, she spun around and rushed off inside. Ryan grinned. She hadn’t changed.


“You owe me a dance.” Sophia turned around and saw Ryan standing in front of her. It had only been five hours since they last saw each other, but it seemed liked forever to her. So much had happened in those few short hours that her brain was still running around in circles. The dinner was perfect. The cake cutting had gone well without a huge cake fight. The couple’s first dance was beautiful and she had suffered through a slow dance with the Best Man. The garter had been removed, the bouquet tossed. Everything was slowing down now. The room was half empty. Those guests that were older had left already and the young partygoers had only begun their fun.

“I don’t dance.”

“It’s a slow dance. I promise I won’t bite.”

Sophia rolled her eyes. She had the urge to say no, but Ryan was being very nice. Besides, one dance wasn’t going to hurt. He led her onto the dance floor and placed his hands lightly on her hips. She placed her hands on his shoulders and was surprised that she had to stretch up a bit. She was five feet eleven and half. She knew she was taller but whenever she said to herself that she was six feet tall, it turned her stomach. Women were supposed to be petite and short and thin. She was none of the above.

“How tall are you?” Sophia blushed as she blurted out what she was thinking in her head.

“Six feet seven. Any other important questions for tonight?”

“No. I was just curious. Most guys are around the same height as me. You’re different.”


The rest of the dance was done in silence. When the music was over, Ryan pulled away from Sophia. Sophia had calmed down completely. Inside she had been a nervous wreck all day and now things were much better. This stranger had calmed her down.

“Would you like to go sit out on the patio?” Ryan stunned himself. By this time, he would be up in his hotel room with his pants undone, moaning as the random girl sucked his cock. Sophia was different. It made him act normal, almost human. As he waited for her to answer, his mind flashed to the last wedding he was at. He had been charming enough to garner the attention of both bridesmaids. He had decided that he wouldn’t choose and when he offered a threesome, they were willing and eager.

“Sure.” Ryan’s heart leapt. He was actually worried she would say no. He held her hand and led her to the patio. The patio had white lights around the edge and special loungers and chairs had been brought in. Tom had clearly explained to Jeannine that money was no object and so when she wanted these specific chairs, Sophia had run out and ordered them. Ryan sat down on one of the loungers and watched as Sophia sat on the end and turned a bit to face him.

“So you must have been excited to finally plan your best friend’s wedding.”

Sophia’s eyes lit up. She loved talking about her work.

“Yeah. Jeannine and I have been friends forever. Well, you knew that from the speech I gave. When I started my business four years ago, she told me that I had to plan her wedding. This was probably my most challenging wedding though. I mean planning a lavish wedding in less than four months was difficult. I was lucky that money wasn’t an issue. That’s what takes the most amount of time when planning a wedding. Trying to find the best deals or trying to create the perfect wedding within a certain budget is hard.”

“You always this quiet?” Ryan had been mesmerized. As she spoke, he imagined her working at her desk, on the phone making phone calls. He wondered if she kept her hair in a ponytail or whether she left it down in curls. He startled himself when he realized that at no point was he imagining her naked being fucked senseless by his cock.

“I’m sorry. So how do you know the groom?”

“You can keep talking. I love how passionate you are about your work. It’s very sexy.” Ryan leaned forward and brushed his lips gently against hers. He was amazed to see that he could be soft and gentle when he wanted to be. She pressed her lips against his and he did the same. He felt her move closer to him and soon their legs were touching.

Sophia was in heaven. Her whole body was burning with desire and she held tight onto his arms for balance. Ryan slid his large hands around her body and pulled her closer. Part of him wanted to pull her into his lap so she could feel his large throbbing member. The other part of him wanted to slow down. She was not like the other girls. She had never been like the others.

Ryan didn’t have to make that choice. Sophia shifted and sat in his lap. She was kissing him frantically and he finally pulled her away.

“I’m sorry. I’ve never kissed anyone. It’s lame. I’m sorry. I’m a bad kisser aren’t I? Fuck I’m sorry.” Sophia was babbling away, trying to apologize for her lack of confidence. Ryan processed what she had said. He hadn’t stopped her because she wasn’t a good kisser. He had stopped her because he was losing control. He then heard her say she had never been kissed before. He took a deep breath of air. This was getting complicated.

“You are an amazing kisser and if I could kiss you for the rest of the evening, I would. There are just parts of me that are wanting more, if you know what I mean.”

Sophia blushed. She was about to make a decision when Tom and Jeannine entered the patio. They saw the couple cuddled together.

“Who the fuck does he think he is? He’s going to get it.” Tom grabbed his bride’s hand and pulled her back. “What’s wrong sweetie? Tell me please.” Tom held Jeannine’s face in his hands and nuzzled her nose. He knew when she got upset that this calmed her down.

“That fucker Ryan is seducing the pants off Sophia. I told him to stay away from her.”

“Who’s Ryan and why should he stay away from her.” Tom was genuinely concerned from his wife’s emotions. He didn’t want her to be stressed on her wedding day.

“Ryan is the jerk that we went to high school with. He was tall and skinny and a complete geek. He tormented Sophia for being tall and big. He thankfully graduated a year ahead of us so she had at least one year of peace.”

“Why is he at our wedding then dear?” Tom was rubbing Jeannine’s hips now.

“My mother is best friends with his mother. You said that my parents could invite whomever they wanted. He was invited, but I had no idea he had accepted.”

Sophia was rocking slowly against him and loved the feel of him under her. He was whispering things against her earlobe, telling her what felt good and what didn’t. Sophia’s lips were red and swollen from the passionate kissing and Ryan was quickly trying to decide how to stop this. He needed to either continue this in his hotel room upstairs or get her a cab ride home. His cock was begging him to choose the former, while his brain was, strangely enough, telling him to choose the latter.

“Ryan Martins get the fuck away from her.” Sophia looked up and she felt like someone had punched her in the stomach. She had not heard that name since the end of her junior year. Her mind flashed to the horrible boy who had teased her, and harassed her, and made her life a living hell. Her eyes darted from her best friend to the man whose lap she was sitting on. She glanced over at Tom and then again at Ryan. In a split second, she put two and two together. This was Ryan Martins. This was the boy that had teased her. He had changed immensely in ten years. He was much taller, muscular; his eye color was even different. Instead of the baby blues eyes, he had hazel eyes. He didn’t wear glasses and his hair was cut short and blonde, not shoulder length and brown. Physically he looked nothing like the creep from high school, but she knew it was him.

“Am I a fucking toy to play with?” Sophia wanted to scream, but decided against it. She climbed off his lap and stormed past Jeannine. She rushed to the elevators and was thankful when she slammed the door to her hotel room. She didn’t need to deal with this.

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