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Boat Ho Ch. 05

Boat Ho Ch. 05


The Commanding Officer of the USS Tet Offensive, Captain Michael North, was actually a pretty easy-going guy. He claimed to be related to Oliver North; Alex had no idea who that was. He often rambled on to her about how much he hated the Navy, why he should’ve joined the Air Force or Marines. How he envied his younger brother who was in the financial industry. And lastly how his wife left him for a younger man. He never made too many outrageous requests or demands. He seemed the total opposite of the rather uptight crew. For reasons that escaped her Captain North liked her and never once yelled at her. Maybe it was all the stress of running a ship that was falling apart.

One day while Alex was cleaning his stateroom he asked her a simple question: “Why did you join the Navy?”

“I have no idea sir,” she replied.

“You and me both.”

“Did you need me to vacuum?”

“No,” he started while looking over some paperwork, “just finish what you’re doing and you can vacuum tomorrow.”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

She finished dusting and left his stateroom. She gathered her cleaning supplies and walked back to the S-5 office. The rest of the Division was sitting down in the office hanging out watching TV. The LPO was sitting at a desk transfixed by “Jerry Springer”.

“So what now,” Alex asked while putting her supplies away.

“Just kick it here until 1615,” he replied.

“It’s 1300,” she replied.

“Yeah,” he laughed, “the Captain doesn’t really eat lunch and he usually leaves before dinner. He really doesn’t give a fuck.”

“Sounds like it,” she replied.

“Yeah,” he smiled, “plus he doesn’t like lending us out to other divisions.”

“That’s good,” she said while sitting down in one of the folding chairs.

Alex liked being there. She was happy to be away from the mess decks and Deck. She enjoyed the nice short-sleeved shirts that read: Captain’s Galley. For some strange reason she wore her utility shirt. She slunk back in the chair and watched “Springer”. Some of the people on the show reminded her of her friends and family back at home in Iowa. She hated living in a trailer park, but she preferred it to the berthing. By the time “Springer” was over the other T.A.D., Airman Butler, came back in.

“I just wrapped up with that stateroom,” he said, “anything else?”

“Just hang her,” the LPO replied.

Butler looked around the room and found a folding chair and placed it next to Alex.

“Lundz right,” he asked sitting next to her.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Butler,” he replied.

The two sat there for nearly an hour watching TV. No one said anything, everybody in the room sat there. The phone ringing suddenly broke the awkwardness.

“S-5, MS1 Sheen speaking how may I help you sir or ma’am?”

Alex and Butler looked at their LPO as he sat on the phone. He barely said anything except for “yes sir” or “no sir”. He scribbled a few things down while talking. He was on the phone for nearly five minutes before he hung up. He looked up at them and smiled.

“Do either of you have a car,” he asked.

“I do,” Butler replied.

“Okay,” the LPO started, “I need you to pick up the Captain’s dry cleaning and he wants Chili’s for lunch. I’ll call it in; it’s the one on base. I’ll pay for it over the phone, Captain’s account. Butler get your utility shirt and take Lundz with you. The dry cleaner is off base, in Coronado, on Orange Avenue, it’s called “Silk Hanger”. If you need gas money, let me know when you get back.”

“Let’s go,” Butler said as they stood up and grabbed the dry cleaning ticket from the LPO.

Alex followed Butler to his berthing as he changed into a utility shirt. They left the ship quickly but it took forever to get to his car, a 2007 Toyota, in much better shape then Watson’s. They got in and drove to Coronado.

“This doesn’t make much sense,” Butler laughed.

“It gets us off the ship,” Alex smiled.

“I know.”

“Would you rather be doing something else?”

“No,” he smiled as he made his way to the exit for the bridge.

“What Division are you in,” she asked.



“You like it?”

“No,” he said looking into his rear view mirror, “they treat me like shit.”

“Same her. What’s your Rate?”

“I failed AT A school.”


“Pissed me off coming to the fleet without a rate.”

“I’m undesignated too,” she started, “I only got a 39 on my ASVAB.”

“I got a 70,” he said while finally making it off the bridge.

“You must be a genius,” she smiled.

“Fuck no,” he smirked, “I just got lucky on the test.”

They found the dry cleaner and Butler got out. Alex waited in the car. She looked around the interior and found that is was very clean. It took him about a minute to retrieve the dry cleaning. It was a sport coat and pants. Butler hung it in the back seat and drove off.

“So,” Alex started, “when did you get to the ship?”

“Six months ago.”

“Were you on the deployment?”

“Yeah, the last two months.”

“How was it?”

“Terrible,” he started, “what is this 20 fucking questions?”

“Sorry,” she replied.

“Don’t worry,” he started, “people just get to me, especially my Division, they piss me off.”


“You don’t want to know.”

They made it back to base and picked up the small order of food. On the drive back to the ship Alex wondered what it was that he didn’t want her to know. Alex took the food and clothing on the Captain.

“Thanks,” he said when she dropped it off in his stateroom.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“I guess that’s it,” he smiled, “I’ll take care of the trash.”

She walked out of the room and returned to the office. Butler was the only person in the room. It was 1540.

“Where did Sheen go,” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied.


“Yeah,” he exhaled.

“Why don’t you like it in AIMD?”

“I just don’t,” he replied.

“What is it,” she goaded.

“Jesus,” he started, “you really want to know?”

“If you don’t mind,” she smirked.

“I’m a virgin,” he said defeated, “I’m 20 and a virgin, Christ all fucking mighty.”

“It’s, um,” she started, “it’s okay, if you want…”

“If I want, what?”

“You can,” she started.

“What,” he started.

“The Captain leaves on the dot at four thirty everyday,” she started.


“You could fuck me in his stateroom,” she exhaled.

“Are you serious,” he said trembling.

“Yes,” she replied reaching for his hand.

“Let’s do it,” he smiled.

“Okay,” she said as she gripped her hand.

Muster went quickly. Only the duty section people had to stay. Even duty was easy in this division. No one really had to do anything, just make sure things are clean and set up. This Captain seemed very laid back and only didn’t care. I think people knew that his time there was short and he was on the way out. But they were milking it. Muster lasted until 1620. Alex and Butler waited around the office for a few seconds after muster.

“Tet Offensive departing,” the female on the 1MC announced at 1627.

“Like clockwork,” Alex laughed.

Alex led Butler to his stateroom. She reached into her wallet and found the keycard for his stateroom. Butler seized up and saw the green light on the knob flashed on. They snuck in quickly.

“Are you sure no one will come in,” Butler asked.

“He told me I could do whatever I want in here,” she smiled.

“You’re bullshitting,” he smirked.

“He never spends the night here,” she started, “and he’s completely whacked out of his mind.”

“I noticed that,” he said before grunting.

Alex took Butler to Captain’s room. Alex shut the door and locked it. She turned the light on. The Captain’s bed was very large and a real bed, unlike those stupid racks they sleep on. Alex quickly pulled off her top and untied her boots and took her socks off. She slipped her pants off. She threw her clothes in a pile by the bed. Butler looked over Alex’s body. She was in very good shape. Since she moved to S-5 she had more time to work out. Butler walked forward and ran his hand through her hair. He leaned in and kissed her quickly. He barely got his tongue in when her ran his other hand down her body.

“The last guy I was with wasn’t that experienced either,” she said.

He didn’t reply. He slowly worked off Alex’s bra. He breasts fell out quickly. He reached in and began to suck on her right nipple. He worked his way down her body slowly kissing her. He gripped her pink panties on either side and slowly pulled them down to her feet. She stepped out of her panties and walked back to the bed. She fell back on the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him. He seemed kind of hesitant.

“You don’t,” Alex started.

“I do,” he said.

He slowly took off his clothes and dropped them at the foot of the bed.

“Shit,” he said taking a step back.

“What,” she replied as she sat up slightly.

“I don’t have a condom,” he said with a sound of defeat in his voice.

“I’m on the pill,” she told him which was a bold face lie. But she did have the emergency contraceptive pill. She bought them after her encounter with Smith and didn’t want to risk having a kid, yet.

Butler slowly walked up to her as she spread her legs. He got over top of her and slowly entered her.

“Yeah,” he said trembling.

“It’s okay,” she said looking up at him.

She felt tight and warm. He grabbed her hips and pulled back. He thrust into her quickly. He couldn’t keep his concentration up. He thrust again. He looked in her eyes as he thrust a third time. He worked up a rhythm, and was able to thrust two more times. He watched her body with each thrust. He noticed her breasts slightly jiggle as they fucked. Soon he couldn’t stop looking at them. And then suddenly he came. Four quick shots fired from his penis into her.

“Fuck,” he said squinting his eyes.

“Yes,” Alex smiled as he pulled out of her.

They both got off the bed and gathered their clothes. They quickly got dressed and walked to the door.

“Did you want to do anything tonight,” he asked.

“What do you want to do,” she asked.

“Anything,” he replied.

“Movie,” she asked.

“Yeah,” he replied.

They snuck out of his stateroom quickly. They went to their respective berths. A few of the girls smiled at Alex. The incident with Watson was still fresh in their minds. Alex put on her usual jeans and t-shirt. Alex found her pills and swallowed one without water. They met up on the mess decks. Butler took Alex to his car. After Alex put her seatbelt on Butler leaned in and kissed her.

“I love you,” he said as he pulled away from her.

Oh no, Alex thought to herself…

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