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First Time Ch. 05

First Time Ch. 05

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Ch. 05: Something New

Suzy was anxiously waiting for me at the door when I arrived at her home at half past eight in the morning. The day, being a Saturday, I was able to skip my classes and was feeling very excited about the continuation of the game we began the night before. She lost no time in the preliminaries and quickly escorted me to her bedroom jumped into bed like two excited lovers without sparing the time to undress our selves.

“Are you still tired after the exercise we had last night?” She asked cheerfully.

“I am feeling very excited about what you are going to teach me and I have told my parents that I will be seeing an important person. I don’t normally shower in the morning and hence they knew that I have something special going on when I changed my routine.”

“Good, and I am all washed up myself. Lek was up early and was telling me about how you were seduced by a pretty girl in the bar. Is it true that you had sex without knowing how to take precautions?” I could detect a note of concern in her voice.

“No, I saw her ‘fa hai’ close up, but did not allow her to suck me or to have sex with me. It was the first time that I had seen a woman’s private organ and it was so strange and yet so exciting. Yours looked as good to me even though you are not as young as her.”

“Mine is possibly worn out after so many years of abuse by my husband. He has a good sex appetite in our earlier days.” Saying so, she quickly assumed our position of the previous night. She was so attentive when she examined the hardened organ and likewise, I was so fascinated by the clear view of a woman’s sex in broad daylight. However, since she was my tutor, I decided to let her take the lead in the subsequent proceedings.

After experiencing that most wonderful orgasm in Suzy’s mouth the night before, we were once again behaving most passionately. That morning, I was more willing than ever to penetrate her mouth. I thought that she wanted to take my sperm again, but she had other ideas then. I was to lose my virginity to my tutor!

Suzy was in a happy mood. After removing her blouse she asked me to strip and lay in bed with her. I obeyed and instantly began to feel her smooth breasts and then began to suck her fully erected nipples. After the usual fore play, I was once again having a tremendous erection. That morning she sucked me into a fully erected stage before removing her lower garments. She turned her naked body over and rested her face on the pillow with her arms spread above her head. I was instantly attracted by her large slitted peach of a bottom and used my hands to massage her fleshy rump. It was so crunchy to the touch and her skin ever so satin like. She had her eyes closed and was thoroughly enjoying the body massage she was getting from me.

Soon she turned her body over a second time to face me. Her eyes were wide open and she had the most tenderly loving look on her face. She brought my face closer to her and began to kiss me. It was not the usual kiss on the mouth as she brought her lips to bear on my inexperienced mouth. I felt clumsy and did not know at that instant on how to react to her probing tongue. I felt a strange feeling all over and was happy that she was giving me the equal treatment she had often extended to her husband in bed. After a few seconds of tongue fighting, I learnt how to slither my wet tongue to caress the interior of her mouth and she greedily extracted all the surplus saliva that was accumulating in my oral cavity. She continued with her lingering French kiss as she sought to feel and massage my erected tool. I responded in kind by massaging her sensitive clitoral knob that twitched incessantly to my touch. She spread her legs wider to allow me to frig her moist honeypot with my middle finger. I was having a total sensation of sensual intimacy with her.

“Do you want to put your cock into my ‘fa hai’ today?” She asked in a most soothing and sexy voice. I felt jubilant that my time had arrived for poking her in that area which had been an object of my fantasy and immediately nodded to signal my willingness to try.

Seeing that I was an inexperienced but conscientious flying student, she took much patience in coaching me on the proper route to her hazardous runway and I found that I was soon able to align my well-cocked cannon to plough that slitted channel on the final approach. Despite years of secretly observing my adult parents in thigh to thigh battle, my first foray into Mum’s battlefield was no easy task. I found that as a young recruit, that Venusian landscape was an elusive target range. Without that much needed intensive target practice which my father had during the years, I crashed my unseasoned weapon twice on the slopes of her forested canyons before my tutor for the night came to my rescue to guide me to the exact firing range.

Like a love pilot who had seen many years of bed combat, Suzy skilfully installed my unproven joystick into her marvellous cockpit where every single sensing instrument had been finely tuned to ensure the most exciting maiden flight into the dazzling peaks beyond the pinnacles of Mount Eros. My equipment was none the worst after my amateurish trashing and recovered its original shape after a brief period of tempering within her furnace-like cockpit. And as I sought further entry into her bodily fuselage, I discovered for the first time the resistance of her rubbery enclosure that constrained any lateral movement within.

Under Suzy’s reassuring tutorship, I became fully familiar with this finer point of the sex act. Just after another two short sessions of hands-on experimentation, I was able to appreciate all the intricacies of the copulatory act and easily performed all the necessary procedures to achieve easy penetration of that most intimate hole in her body. Yet it was the first time that my hot-dog had ever been inserted within her slitted long bun and my whole being was filled with eager expectation as to what joy she was going to provide me.

I found that the entry thereafter was relatively easy because of her relaxed and slippery love sheath that at that moment was in no need of further lubrication. But by Jove, she was like an oven inside! I had never imagined that she had so much heat inside her aroused cunt. Perhaps it was my first entry into the realms of adult sexual intercourse and my senses at that point of time was so finely honed that I had that extra sensitivity in my glans to sense that extra degree of vaginal temperature. Whatever it was, I was certain that I had never felt the same intense heat with my fingers embedded in her cockpit.

By instinct, I started to withdraw and push the weapon in the manner other men had done to her so often before. For the first two minutes, I was not adapt with the right technique and my tempered shaft was withdraw too far out that it completely slipped out of her mating orifice. She had to use her hand as the guide until I had gained competency in this stamping process. But I was a fast learner and she was soon enjoying the friction generated by my swollen cock tremendously. And she closed her eyes and breathed more heavily as I continued with my lechery on her body. She was whispering “dirty words” like what she would be doing when mating with Lek. She arched her back to respond to my downward thrusts and after a minute of synchronisation of our motion, our two pelvis were moving in perfect opposition without my pole ever slipping out of her sheath.

“Am I doing it right, Suzy.” I whispered with the timidity of a novice having his first taste of the most desired fruit.

“Yes, you are doing it exactly the way it was meant to be. Take your time and don’t get too excited or you will reach your climax too fast and spill your spermatic seeds before I have fully enjoyed myself.” She grunted her reply as she continued with her efforts to sense every square millimetre of my penile skin within her vaginal fold. I found her pulsation most delightful as I continued to poke her with my rhythmic motions.

“I am feeling so good inside. I never imagine that your ‘fa hai’ can make my cock to feel so good.” I added my compliments as I groped excitedly for her left meatball where her spiky milk stud was protruding against my bony chest.

“You are making me so hot inside. I never can feel so much heat with Lek’s brother inside my smelly cunt. And you have such a big swollen head. As big as his full grown little brother. Yet it is so innocent and so pure. Robert, you are giving me the most intense desire in my hungry body.”

“I am so scared of your ‘ fa hai’ when it is smelly. Will it dirty my cock?” I said in an earnest tone on hearing that her cunt was smelly at that moment.

“Don’t worry my dear. As my virgin boy friend I would never offer you a smelly ‘fa hai’ to ‘tiu’. Lek is so dirty minded that he wants my ‘fa hai’ to be smelly at times and even sometimes bloodied. But with you, I can never give you anything that is smelly and unclean. I have washed my ‘yin po’ with perfumed soap yesterday and three times today. And the last time was just before I come to bed. I have dug inside my hole and found no smell on my finger other than the flagrancy of perfume.” She whispered reassuringly without any loss of concentration on her efforts to extra more and more of the heat that was being generated by the friction of our lower contact.

“I am so glad your ‘fa hai’ is so clean and well prepared for my enjoyment. It is so much tighter and smoother than your mouth.”

“I am also so happy inside that you have allowed me to hook (‘tiu’) your virgin cock. Yours is the fourth little brother that I have fitted inside my ‘hole’ in my life. And you have made me feel so good and nice all over my body.”

I tried to increase my reaming pace, but she temporarily restrained me and coaxed me to slow down to prolong our mutual enjoyment as she continued to whisper.

“Robert, you are so good to allow me to take your pig (virginity) this morning. I never expected that I will be the first woman to have this gift from a young man other than my husband. You have no hymen to tear and your future wife will never know that you have lost your pig at this young age.” She expressed her gratefulness for my delivery of semen into her most sensitive enclosure of the female body.

“You were so kind to me to teach me how to make love in the proper way and I wanted to give you everything you want. I am so happy to give you my pig now because it is such a waste spilling semen through masturbation at home.” I replied as I began to feel my birdie head swelling further and I was fast reaching my crisis. Despite her restraining hand, I could not control my urgency of that moment to seek the deepest recess of her equally agitated cunny. She reciprocated by meeting my every downward action with an equivalent upward thrust and suddenly she whispered her needs for me to add vigour to satisfy her carnal needs of that moment of approaching crisis.

“Please continue to ‘tiu’ my ‘hai’ harder. Don’t be scared of hurting me because my hot ‘hai’ is not feeling any pain with your giant stick inside. You are making me so hot and so happy.” She finished with a light swoon.

After about five minutes of vigorous stamping of her ‘yin po’, I found her love tunnel contracting and gripping very strongly. It was like a vacuum pump and quite different from the sucking action of her mouth. She was squirming and arching her lower body to maximise the penetration of her clitoral contact. She drew my bottom ever closer to her pelvis and with considerable force held my buttock as she contracted her vagina uncontrollably and her mouth emitted a low scream. I found that I was unable to continue my own poking actions as I was also feeling pleasant sensations rising all over my body and especially in the region of my twitching cock. As she continued to squeeze my penis with her ‘hai’ I experienced my orgasm as my blazing cannon shot a torrent of spermatic bullets into the mouth of her famished pussy. Thus with her encouragement, I had my first sexual experience with a woman. And she was my new friend’s wife and I did not know the right from the wrong given my innocence and lack of knowledge of human adult behaviour.

When I had rested, she turned to face me and whispered. “You must not tell anybody in this world about what had happened. If you remain a good boy, I will allow you to do it again. But Lek must not be around. And if you want it, I will want your penis in my vagina always. You are the most precious thing in this world to me.”

“Can I ‘tiu’ (fuck) you again?” I pleaded as my passions for her returned and I wanted more of the sensations that came from the injection of my sperm into her body.

“No. You must not overdo this. It will tax all your energy. And you are too young to lose your precious juice more than once in one morning.” She added her advice as I left her home to visit Hung and her family.

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