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Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 03

Lights! Cameral! Action! Take 03


“Rita,” said Dan on the intercom.

“Yes, Mr. Carter.”

“Ask Lance and Rod to come in, please.”

Lance, a tall, blonde, blue-eyed version of Troy Donahue or Tab Hunter and Rod, a muscular man looking much like a shorter version of Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was in his prime, entered his office.

“I have a unique applicant to interview,” he said with a laugh. “Do you think that you two can handle her?”

The two men looked up at the closed circuit television screen that showed the waiting room outside Dan’s office.

“She’s not the big ugly, old one, is she? She looks angry, Dan,” said Rod. “I’m going to have to pass on her,” said Rod. “My, uhm, back has been hurting lately. I was doing heavy squats when I heard something pop. I’d do her otherwise. You know I would. Give her to Lance.”

“No, she’s the cute, young blonde sitting in the corner.”

“Number 2,” asked Lance? “She hot, really hot.”

“Nothing gets by you Lance,” said Dan. “Yes, number 2 is the next one.”

“Definitely, I can handle her,” said Rod. “It’s a miracle. As soon as I got up to look at the monitor, my back suddenly felt better.”

“Yeah, I bet,” said Dan. “It’s a miracle that I still employ you.”

“She’s not lesbian is she,” asked Lance? “For some reason, lesbians don’t like me.”

“That’s because you’re prettier than they are,” said Rod.

“Fuck you,” said Lance to Rod.

“So,” asked Rod, “what’s wrong with her?”

“She’s a virgin,” said Dan with a smug smile.

“She’s a virgin,” repeated Lance.

“Get the fuck out of here,” said Rod. “Do they still make those? I thought they were extinct. No one is a virgin today.”

Rod gave Lance a high five.

“Look at her. Take a good look. She looks really young,” said Lance, “jailbait young. That explains why she’s a virgin. I don’t think she’s of age, Dan. You need to get her the Hell out of here. You don’t want to mess around with that shit, I don’t care if she looks like an angel.”

“Rita,” said Dan.

“Yes, Mr. Carter.”

“Send in the next applicant, please.

“Yes, Mr. Carter.”

The door opened enough for the cute, young, blonde woman to peek her head inside. She was adorable. Angelic in nature, she looked like she just came to the big city from the farm. With her rosy cheeks, blue eyes, and long blonde hair, butter would melt in her mouth. If you imagine a Swedish woman skiing in the Alps or a Dutch woman sipping coffee in Amsterdam, she is the very vision you’d imagine.

“Come in, don’t be shy.”

“I’m Dan Carter the Executive Producer and Director,” he said standing and walking towards her with his outstretched hand. These handsome gentlemen are two of my actors, Lance Ram and Rod Steel.”

“Pleased to meet you,” she said holding out her hand and shaking Dan’s, Lance’s, and Rod’s hand. “I’m Robin.”

“Such a perfect name for such a beautiful woman,” said Lance.

“Thank you,” she said with a smile while turning pink with embarrassment.

“If you don’t mind me asking you, how old are you?”

“I’m eighteen.”

“You look thirteen,” said Rod. “I hope to God you really are eighteen. I love the young, innocent look,” he said with a bit of drool present on his lip. “The camera will love you.”

“May I see some identification, a driver’s license?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Today is your eighteenth birthday,” said Dan passing off her license for Lance and Rod to examine.

“It looks legitimate to me, Boss,” said Lance.

“Yeah, it even has the hologram and the photo doesn’t appear to be altered. It’s real,” said Rod handing the license back to the young, woman.

“Well, Happy Birthday, Robin,” said Dan.

“Thank you.”

“Happy Birthday,” said Lance giving her a peck on the lips.

“Happy Birthday,” said Rod French kissing her while reaching his hand around to squeeze her ripe ass and ending his molestation of her by feeling her A cup tit.

“That was totally rude, Dude,” whispered Lance to Rod. “What the Hell is wrong with you? I think your steroids have gone to your brain.”

“If you think that’s rude, wait to you see what I do to her in a few minutes,” Rod whispered back to Lance.

“It says here that you’re a virgin.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’ve never had sexual intercourse?”

“Sexual intercourse?”

“Yes,” said Dan.

To hear her say those words was like hearing a Sunday School Teacher say something totally appropriate.

“Do you mean allowing a man to stick his erect penis in my wet pussy while he humps me and I hump him back until he ejaculates his load of cum in a condom or in my pussy?” She so very was delightful in her explanation of the sexual act.

“Well, yes, I guess that’s what I mean by sexual intercourse. Only the way you say it paints a much better graphic image of the sex act than I did by merely mentioning sexual intercourse and, somehow hearing it drip from your lips, it doesn’t sound dirty,” he said reaching down to adjust his erection. “So, you didn’t answer my question. Have you had sexual intercourse?”

“No, Sir, I’ve never had sexual intercourse.”

“Have you ever given a blowjob?”

“A blowjob?”

“Yes,” said Dan.

Again, hearing her repeat the word blowjob sounded so innocent coming from her, yet arousing at the same time.

“Do you mean allowing a man to stick his big, hairy cock in my mouth, tightening my lips around it, and sucking it while stroking him with my little hand? Do you mean giving him a blowjob by swirling my tongue around the head of his cock until he shoots a warm, gooey load of cum in my mouth and down my throat before licking him clean?”

Rod and Lance just looked at her with their tongues hanging out of their mouths and their pants tented.

“Well, yes, I guess that’s what I mean by a blowjob. Again you do wonderfully well describing the sexual act of giving a blowjob. So, again, you didn’t answer my question. Have you given a blowjob?”

“No, Sir, I’ve never given one of those.”

“Have you ever given a hand job?”

“A hand job?”

“Yes,” said Dan.

Either this woman was dropped from an animated cartoon set or she was purposely driving everyone mad with desire for her by teasing them with these erotic explanations. Moreover, the fact that someone who looked like her was basically talking so erotically dirty added to the lustful desire for her.

“Do you mean, unzipping his pants while we are making out, sticking my hand in his pants and feeling his bulging cock through the thin cotton fabric of his shorts before pulling it out of his underwear and wrapping my delicate fingers around a man’s flaccid cock while stroking him to an erection? Do you mean by giving a hand job I tighten my grip around his stiff cock and stroke him faster and faster until he explodes his warm sticky seed all over my little hand and in between my fingers or across my naked breasts or gives me a cum bath by shooting his load across my face, in my mouth, up my nose, in my eyes, and all over my long, blonde, soft, lush hair?”

“Well, yes, I guess that’s what I exactly mean by a hand job. Once, again, your mastery of description paints such an erotic image that we are all hot to do you. Only, once again, you failed to answer my question. Have you given a blowjob?”

“No, Sir, I’ve never given one of those either. Matter of fact, I’ve never even seen a penis. This is my first time for everything.”

Rod stood, unzipped his pants and was about to pull out his cock and stick it in her face.

“Rod! Still down please. I’m not done interviewing Robin.”

Because of his stiff erection, he had a difficult time zipping up his pants.

“Have you ever allowed anyone to give you pleasure orally?”

“Pleasure me orally?”

“Oh, God, yes,” said Dan.

“Do you mean, allowing a man or a woman, for that matter, to fall between my legs while sticking his or her tongue along the soft hairless lips of my pussy, reaching up to feel and caress my tits while pulling out and twisting my nipples. Do you mean having a man or a woman lick and suck my clit and finger fuck me with his or her long, stiff fingers while reaching up with his or her other hand to play with my nipples?”

“You are amazing, Robin. Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Yet, again, you forgot to answer my question. Has anyone eaten your pussy?”

“No, I’ve never had anyone eat my pussy, either.”

“Tell me, for someone who has never been fucked, has never sucked, has never given a hand job, has never even seen a penis, and who has never had her pussy licked and fingered, how do you know so much about it?”

“I read a lot and I’ve watched a couple of your porn movies. My Dad has a whole collection.”

“Which one of my movies have you seen?”

“Brenda Takes A Job As The Only Woman At The Steel Mill and Phyllis, The Lone Cowgirl, Sleeps Naked In The Bunkhouse.”

“Well, would you like to try giving both a hand job and a blowjob today, while being fucked doggie style?”

“I’m eager to do my best to get both Lance and Rod off, if that is the reason why they are here.”

“No, not at all, even though Lance and Rod, especially Rod, are eager to cum in your mouth and in your pussy, they’ll be no passing of fluids today. This is just an audition.”

Rod jumped to his feet to grab Robin.

“Rod! Sit! This is the interview process. I haven’t even reached the audition process, yet, where she reads a script.”

“Reads a script,” said Rod obviously annoyed and sexually frustrated. “Are you kidding me? Just look at her. I’ve seen all I need to see to know that Robin has real talent and a knack for this type of work.”

“Take a breath and cool down, Rod. You’ll have your chance to get better acquainted with Robin later. Think of something other than sex.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” said Rod taking some deep breaths. “Dumbbells, barbells, bench presses, squats—”

“Silently, Rod, think silently.”

“Sorry, Boss.”

“So, Robin,” said Dan, “why suddenly now?”

“I’m of legal age, silly,” she said that with such a cute smile that it made you want to stick your cock in her mouth. “I can’t think of a better way for me to lose my virginity, celebrate my birthday, and make some extra cash all at the same time.”

“You’ve come to the right place, Robin,” said Dan.

“Should I take out my gum,” said Robin blowing her last bubble, “before sucking cock?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Rod. “Definitely, there’ll be no room in your mouth for anything else but my cock.”

“Let’s not jump the gun, here, Rod. I still need Robin to read for me.”

“How rude of me,” said Dan. “Please have a seat Robin. You’ve been standing all this time.”

Robin sat on the couch across from Dan sitting behind his desk and Lance and Rod flanked his desk with their chairs. Both Lance and Rod turned their chairs to face Robin. When she sat with her mini-skirt, she flashed her panties, and even with her knees tightly closed, her thin, shapely thighs gave the material of her dress the perfect bridge that allowed them to still see a triangular patch of panty.

“As I do with all the women I’ll be interviewing today, I must give you my spiel. Now, that the interview process is completed, next is to film you reading a mini-scene. This mini-scene will show me how you will appear on camera. The camera loves some women and not others. I’ve seen the most beautiful women who are just not photogenic and then, conversely, the most ordinary of women appear star like through the camera lens. Further, this mini-scene, if you are selected for the movie, is what I will use in the movie.”

“I’m not worried,” she said. “I’ve been told that I’m very photogenic.”

“Good,” said Dan continuing his spiel. “As per it says in the release and disclosure, Double Dare Films will pay you $100 for your time and if your mini-scene is chosen we will pay you an additional $168 giving you a one day total of $268 for 15 minutes of acting. If the movie is a financial success, than you have the opportunity to make more money, depending, of course, on the success of the film but anywhere from $500 to $5,000.”

“Wow, that’s great. I hope your film is a big success,” she said smiling so sweetly.

“We all hope that this film is the one that puts us over the top,” he said returning her smile. “Now, please read this prepared script,” he said handing her a type written page of dialogue. “This will show me your acting ability. By the way, for this film, it doesn’t matter if you have acting ability or not. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t acted before. What is important is if the camera likes you or not.”

She was certainly an attractive enough woman and very sweet, but he wouldn’t know until he viewed her video later to see if he’d use her or not.

“Yes, I understand,” she said leaning forward to study the script while giving Dan, Lance, and Rod a nice down blouse view of her tits.

“She’s not wearing a bra,” Rod mouthed the words to Lance with a shit eating grin before returning his gaze down her blouse.

Lance made a sour face at his perverted co-star.

“I want you to read it over before reciting it aloud. Read it as many times as you’d like. Take all the time you need. Try and memorize as much as you can. Then, imagine that you are the woman, a virgin, in the scene, an innocent woman who is sexually assaulted by two of her best friends and forced to give them sex. Feel her, imagine her emotion, and then recite it with feeling, as if you are her.”

“Wow! That sounds really hot,” she said glancing down at the script and looking back at him.

“Lance and Rod will play themselves. Let me know whenever you are ready, Robin.”

He watched her study the script. She was such a pretty girl. Never would he have imagined her to be the type auditioning for an adult film. Yet, over the years, he had seen them all come and go. She read it over three or four times.

“I’m ready.”

“Take 1, Robin,” he said snapping his movie director clapper board. “Lights!” The lights dimmed. “Camera!” The lens zoomed in on her from her feet to her head. “And Action!” He said pointing to Robin for her to begin.

“Nice towel,” said Lance.

“I just finished showering,” said Robin, “when I heard the doorbell. I wasn’t expecting you guys for another hour. You can watch television until I get ready. The Sox are playing a Fenway. It already started I think.”

“We don’t want to watch a ballgame,” said Rod. “We came here for you.” Rod reached out and in one quick pull, he grabbed the towel off her body. She stood naked before her childhood friends desperately trying to cover herself with her hands and arms.

“Have you gone mad?”

“Yes, we are mad with desire for you,” said Lance.

Rod reached out and threw her over his shoulder and carried her in the bedroom. Lance grabbed anything that he could find belts and scarves to tie her to the bed.

“Please don’t do this. This is rape.”

“It’s time that you are no longer a virgin, Robin. You’ve been teasing us forever. We know you want us.”

“Yes, I do, but not like this, not forced. Can’t we go see a movie first, and then grab a bite to eat? I can date you both. After a month or two or longer of dating, we can make out a little before—”

“Shut up, Bitch,” said Rod slapping her across her face.

“Well, I think we have quite enough,” said Dan.

“We were just getting to the part where she was going to suck my cock, Dan,” said Rod.

“It’s just a script Rod.”

“So,” asked Robin, “what happens now?

“What happens now is that we continue our interview in private.”

“In private? That’s bullshit. Couldn’t we just stay to watch,” said Rod.

“Get out,” said Dan.

“I promise I won’t even make a comment.”

“Out,” said Dan pointing to the door.

“Come on, Rod. It will be that much more exciting if Dan picks her to make a film with us.”

“Yeah, but look at her. I really wanted to fuck her. She’s so freaking gorgeous.”

Lance and Rod reluctantly left Dan’s office.

“Is he always like that,” asked Robin?

“Rod is insatiable. Lance is okay. I use Rod for all the group sex movies. He’s perfect for multiple cum shots. The guy can cum three times in an hour.”

“That’s amazing. So, what did you think of my reading?”

“I thought it was quite good and before I even view the video, I know the camera will love you. You’re a natural.”

He looked at her feeling a bit uncomfortable asking her. She was so very young and obviously so innocent. Yet, he asked her nonetheless.

“So, now what? Do you call me?”

“Yes, we will be in touch with you, but before you go, I need to see your body.”

“Sure,” she said standing unabashedly. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Uninhibited and without modesty, she pulled her dress over her head and briefly stood before him in just her high heels and panties. In one quick pull, she removed her panty.

“I just had my pussy waxed. What do you think?”

“It’s lovely,” he said inhaling her.

“Feel it,” she said stepping closer to him. “It’s so soft.”

He reached out his hand and cupped her pussy before parting her lips with her finger.

“That feels so good,” she said. “I’m so wet right now. Rub my clit while fucking me with your finger.

Obediently, he accommodated her every wish. He leaned forward and took her perfect A cup tits in his mouth, first one and then the other.

“You have a beautiful body. How tall are you and what do you weigh?”

“I’m 5’7″ and weight 115 pounds,” she said giving him a smile. “Can I see it now?”

“See what?”

“Youre cock, of course, silly. I’ve never seen one before.”

Dan stood and dropped his sweat pants.

“What do you think?”

“It’s big. Do all cocks look like this?”

“Most are smaller and some a bigger.”

“May I touch you?”

“I’d be terribly disappointed if you didn’t.”

She reached out and took his prick in her hand.

“I can barely fit my hand around it. It feels good,” she said stroking him. “I like how it feels hard and soft at the same time.”

“Would you think me too forward and think less of me if I took your cock in my mouth? I’m so very curious what it feels like to suck a cock.”

“I would think more of you if you took my cock in my mouth, my dear,” he said.

She got on her knees and engulfed him.

“Am I doing it right,” she said removing his cock to speak before taking the full length of him in her mouth again. She twirled her tongue around the head of his cock while tightening her grip to stroke him.

“No one would believe that this is your first time sucking a cock,” he said putting his hand to the back of her blonde head while closing his eyes and smiling.

“I like sucking your cock, Dan,” she said removing him from her mouth. “Would I put you on the spot to ask you to fuck me?”

“Not at all, sweetheart. I’m happy to accommodate you in any way that I can.”

“There may be a mess with me getting blood on your carpet.”

“I have some plastic that I can toss over the couch.”

When he pushed her back on the couch and went to mount her, she rolled him over and mounted him. She sat on her torso and reached behind her to position his cock in her pussy.

“Wow! That’s outrageous,” she said as he popped her hymen instantly pooling out blood that colored his balls and thighs.

“Oh, my God!”

“Am I doing this right?”

“You’re doing just fine, Honey.”

She stopped humping him and got off, just before he was about to explode in her pussy.

“May, I use your bathroom?”

“Of course,” he said looking over at the camera to make sure he had captured all of this and all of her.

“Well, now that I gave you a hand job, sucked your cock, and fucked you, I’m no longer a virgin. Maybe, next time,” she said, “you could lick my pussy.”

“It would be my pleasure.”

In the next chapter, racist Myra, who migrated north from the deep south to get away from her KKK family members, sucks a big, black cock in her audition for Double Dare Adult Films.


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