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The Virgins

The Virgins

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Starting college can be quite an ordeal. Moving away from home, leaving your friends, and struggling to find your place in a new society can be stressful. For some, this challenge is met by jumping in with both feet and joining as many social circles as possible. For others, finding a person to cling to is the best method of overcoming this surge of uncertainty.

Tom and Sarah fell into the second category. They arrived at their new college and had decided to attend the Welcome Week activities. This basically grouped the new students into small groups of about twenty to help build some new friendships.

On the very first day, as someone was blabbing about things a freshman can do to feel comfortable on campus, Tom looked around his group and his gaze froze on a cute girl sitting across the room. No, not cute, she was damn good lookin’. About that time, the object of his attention looked up. They locked eyes for a moment and then she smiled as she turned away. Tom melted right there, not to mention a little something he felt going on downstairs.

Now, it should be known that Tom wasn’t the big jock in high school and didn’t run with the super popular crowd. So, amazingly enough, he had made it through the first 18 years of life with no sex. That’s right, Tom was a virgin.

The session ended and Tom grabbed his notepad and handouts and bolted for the door to catch up with the object of his newfound affection. He reached the classroom door just before her and smiled as he opened it for her. She grinned and walked on through ahead of him.

“So, that was quite an interesting session, huh,” said Tom in a nervous voice.

“I guess. I wasn’t really paying much attention though. It didn’t look like you were either, I caught you watching me at least four times,” she said.

“Oh! Um, yeah…”

She smiled.

“It’s ok with me. I’m Sarah. And you are?”

“Oh, stupid me. I’m Tom. Nice to meet you.”

“Well, Tom, which dorm are you in? I’m down the hill here.”

“Me too, I’m down in Gretz Hall. Are you in Willman?”

“Yes. How convenient, now you can walk me back to my room.”

“That would be my pleasure, Sarah.”

The walked on down the hill and reached their dorms. They talked a little more and agreed to meet up for dinner later.


Three days later, Sarah and Tom were inseparable. They ate together ever day, they went to their new student sessions together, and even spent a few pleasant evenings walking together.

On the fourth night, they found a bench near the center of campus and decided to take a break from their walk.

“It is a gorgeous night,” commented Tom.

“Yep,” added Sarah.

Suddenly she leans over and kisses Tom square on the lips. Catching him off guard, but he enjoys every second of it. Tom had told Sarah he had never kissed a girl before, which was true, so Sarah had take care of that for him.

“Now, you have kissed a girl. The next time you have to make the move!”

Tom just grinned from ear to ear. He started to lean in, but Sarah jumped up.

“Its not that easy! You have to catch me first!”

She took off running across campus, with Tom in pursuit. He was locked in on that firm ass about twenty feet in front of him. He didn’t make too much of an effort to catch up as he was enjoying the view. Finally he did catch her and grabbed her as they tumbled to the grass. He looked down at her and kissed her, gently but with a great deal of passion.

“There is something else I have to tell you,” he said. Sarah just looked at him and waited.

“I’m… uh… well… I’m a virgin.”

Sarah laid her head back and laughed. Tom sat up with a sickening feeling in his stomach. He wanted to run away. Sarah saw his look of terror.

“No… I’m not laughing at you silly boy! I just though you were going to tell me you were married or had some crazy infectious disease or something that would blow my mind. Truth is… I’m a virgin too.”

Tom fell over. He could hardly believe that he went from an ultimate low to a soaring high all in a few seconds. This was almost too good to be true!

The kissed a little while longer and then head back to their dorm.

Over the next few days, things got more intense. Their hands began to wander more and they began to spend much more of their time alone in remote places.


It was a sunny day, about 80 degrees. Tom and Sarah had found a secluded spot overlooking a lake. Tom laid out a blanket and flopped down. Sarah stood and watched as he took his shirt off and just lay there in his shorts. She smiled as she peeled off her shirt.

Tom was in heaven. Here he was alone with the woman he planned on losing his virginity too. He stared at her fit body, from her shoulder length brown hair… to her B cup breasts… to her shapely hips and long legs.

She knelt down and straddled him. Their bodies meeting in this fashion for the first time. Although they were both clothed, both knew the electric feeling that shot through their bodies as Sarah sat there, gently rocking.

Tom sat up slowly, feeling her bare breasts for the first time. He kissed her on the lips, then on the shoulders, then on down her chest. He kissed every square inch of naked torso, making sure to spend plenty of time in his preferred locations.

He gently turned her over laid her on her back. He continued kissing all over her body and then arrived the top of her jeans. He looked up at her as his hands slowly unbuttoned her jeans. She made no protest as he unzipped them half way and began kissing the skin which was newly revealed to his eyes. She began rubbing his leg, innocently grazing the side of his hard cock every time she went by.

He placed his hand over her pussy, but still outside the jeans. He began to rub gently and she arched her back in pleasure. This continued for a few minutes and then she reached down and scooted her jeans down over her ass and onto her thighs. Tom took the hint and pulled them the rest of the way off and then removed his shorts.

He then crawled back over to her and placed his thinly covered cock onto her scantily clad pussy. He began to grind into her, feeling the wetness building and hearing her moaning take on more than a quiet tone.

She suddenly reached down and grabbed his penis, stroking it and rubbing it against her pussy. She looked at Tom with wide eyes as he reached to pull down her panties.

Then the unthinkable happened… a voice on a loudspeaker in the distance. “Attention trespassers! You have 5 minutes to return to your vehicle and vacate the premises. The sheriff’s department will be called!”

Tom and Sarah jumped to their feet and dressed quickly. They ran for the car and jumped in. They did not see anyone around until they had gone around a corner and saw a guy in a truck. He was blocking the entrance to a fenced off area that had No Trespassing signs on it.

Turns out there were high school kids breaking into this area and tearing up stuff along with having parties in that area. Unfortunately, the guy in the truck had picked the worst possible time to break up the party as far as Tom and Sarah were concerned. He simply waved at them as they drove on by.

Both had been scared out of their mind, completely killing the mood that they had built in that last hour. They headed back to campus and nothing more happened that day.


Two days later, Sarah and Tom were going to go to Tom’s cousin’s house for dinner. It was about 45 minutes away. They were chatting as usually when Sarah grabbed Tom’s hand. He looked down from the road she lifted her dress and placed his hand on her panties. She was soaking wet. He began rubbing her pussy through her panties, the cloth completely saturated now. Sarah was reclined in the seat, panting as Tom struggled to drive and pleasure her at the same time.

Then, Tom pulled his hand away. He quickly grabbed his cell phone and dialed his cousin’s number. Sarah stared in disbelief as her hot, sopping wet pussy ached for attention.

“Marie, this is Tom… yeah, hey, just wanted to call and say I don’t think we are gonna be able to make it after all tonight… no, everything’s ok, Sarah is just feeling bad… oh, I’m sure she’ll be fine… yeah, I’ll take care of her… ok, talk to you soon!”

Sarah grinned this huge smile as Tom hung up the phone. He quickly found a side road and then luckily found a secluded dead end road.

Sarah pulled her dress off over her head, leaving her in just some sopping wet panties… waiting for Tom. He quickly climbed onto her side of the car, stripping off his clothes along the way. He wasted no time and was completely naked in a matter of seconds.

He looked her in the eye as he reached down and pulled her panties to the side. Inserting one finger, she groaned at his penetration. This was the first time anyone else had been inside her tight pussy. He inserted a second finger and began to increase speed.

“Don’t stop… don’t stop…”

Tom had no plans on stopping this time. He leaned forward as he continued pumping his fingers into her pussy, bring the tip of his cock ever closer to its destination.

When he was about an inch away from her, she tensed up and screamed. A massive orgasm ripped through her body and she came and came… making a slick, wet mess all over the car seat. She finally relaxed and he leaned closer. His cock touched the outer folds of her pussy as he sighed, absorbing the warmth from her pussy as he began to slide the head up and down a little. Sarah then reached down and took his cock in her hand.

She looked up at Tom and said, “I can’t… I just can’t…”

She then leaned forward and took his cock in her mouth… all of his dismay melted as she gave him his first blowjob. It was only a few seconds later when he erupted into her mouth, over and over again. She gagged a little at first, but then managed to swallow all of his semen. She didn’t even spill a drop.

He then collapsed back into his seat as they both came down from their sexual high. Both were panting and reveling in this new feeling that filled them from head to toe.

They just watched each other for a while and then decided to head back to campus. Tom cleaned up his car and Sarah went back to her room.


Two nights later, Tom was watching a baseball game with some of the guys in his lounge when Sarah walked in. The guys enjoyed giving the freshman a hard time about his “ball and chain.”

Sarah was wearing he typical warm-ups from her workout and walked around the couch Tom was sitting on.

“You ready to go?”

Tom turned and looked at her… she gave him a quick wink… Tom knew it was time!

“Oh yeah… completely forgot!” Tom exclaimed, trying to cover up the truth as he jumped up. “Let’s get going!”

“I’ll bring him back later boys.”

The guys all rolled their eyes and made some lewd comments.

Tom and Sarah walked about the door. As soon as they were outside she turned and planted a big kiss on him.

“Tonight’s the night big boy. I’m not wearing anything under these warm-ups, and yes, they are the breakaway kind.”

Tom grabbed her by the hand and they raced to his car. His cock was so hard that the lack of blood flow to his brain was affecting his driving. He finally found a quiet corner of the city park, with no overhead lights. He killed the engine but left the radio on.

The sexual tension was very thick as he turned to look at her. She had already taken off her top and he stared at her perfect breasts right there before him. He reached for her…

“Why don’t you come sit over here?” she asked.

Tom scooted over to her seat and she did a little rearranging to get herself situated on top of him. They began kissing and groping, but Tom was nearly in pain with his cock straining against his jeans. His problem was not lost on Sarah and she deftly reached down and freed his member from its prison.

She then worked her way down and pulled his pants all the way off as he lifted his shirt over his head. She then took his cock in her mouth and gave it a couple good sucks. He was in a world of mixed agony and pleasure. He couldn’t remember his cock ever being this hard.

Sarah climbed back up on him and reached back and pulled the break away pants off. Suddenly, nothing separated their bodies but the cool night air.

“I…,” started Tom.

“Shhh,” she said.

Sarah lowered her hips until the head of his cock touched her pussy. She took a deep breath a pushed down. His cock slipped into her sopping wet pussy, slowly but steadily. She had broken her hymen during a horseback riding session years before, so there was nothing but pleasure in this moment.

He could feel the cum begin to boil in him, but wanted to make this last forever. Sarah finally pushed all the way down and then fell against him. They held each other so tight, knowing this was the best moment of their entire life.

Slowly, their bodies began to work into a rocking motion as they made love for the first time. They just stared into each other’s eyes, hardly believing what was happening.

It seemed like an eternity, but was only a few minutes later when Tom felt his cock begin to pulse.

“I’m gonna come soon,” Tom said in as calm of a voice as he could manage.

“Tell me when,” she said.

A few strokes later…

“Now!” he exclaimed as he thrust up into her pussy. She ground down against him and he filled her with his semen for the first time. They held this position for what seemed like hours until their bodies finally collapsed.

They held each other for a while and then continued screwing for the next two hours.

Finally they were exhausted and headed back to campus. This was their first night together, but it wasn’t certainly not their last.

…Perhaps someday I’ll share more of their adventures…

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