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Every human being on the planet has sexual and emotional needs. Big people have sexual needs too. Seriously. My name is James and I am a large young black man living in New England. I stand six feet two inches tall and weigh exactly 260 pounds. I am not ashamed of it at all. One day, fed up with being rejected by my skinny counterparts, I invited some friends over and we ended up creating the L.L.P. or League of Large People. We stood for promoting the success, happiness and fulfillment of all people regardless of size. Or at least, that’s what I hoped would happen. Instead, we ended up having a party.

I had invited some of my closest pals. Among them was Big Nadine, as she called herself. Don’t ask me why. It’s a sensitive subject. Nadine was a tall, large young woman of African and Indian descent. At the age of twenty, she stood five feet ten inches tall and weighed around 250 pounds. A hefty, beautiful gal who excelled at Rugby and Basketball. She’s my all-time favorite tomboy. We had known each other for a long time. Both of us were wrestling fanatics and we used to practice moves against each other when we were younger. I used my size and strength to get ahead in life. I played football in high school and college. Some of my insecurities went away. Not all of them, though.

There was also my pal Joey, also known as Big Joe. Joey was a tall, hefty young black man. He was very dark-skinned and kept his head shaved. All three of us had known each other for a long time. Like me, he attend U-Mass Amherst. I was majoring in Criminal Justice. Joey was studying Bio-Chemistry. Nadine was studying Sociology. Last but not least, there was Nicole, the last member of our group. Nicole is a red-haired gal from Ghana. She’s a six-foot, 260-pound dame who loves football, soccer, and of course, delicious food from all corners of the globe. Yeah, we made quite a group.

All four of us were driven young black people working on our futures. Yet none of us had a love life. Why? Simply because we lived in America and around here, only skinny people are considered beautiful. Well, we decided to stop whining. And get some action! We had all dated before. We’d gone out with men and women who weren’t appreciative of our bodies and our true selves. We weren’t treated well. It’s almost as if we were the invisible people and society said that we didn’t matter. Oh, well, guess what? The fatties are doing it for themselves! Without further ado, we began our little party. We bared our true selves to each other. We talked about every issue which bothered us. Every fear, every secret, everything. It was a very emotional thing. I looked at the people I had considered to be my best friends for ages. All of their secrets were open before me. I noticed Joey and Nicole kissing. I smiled. I always knew those two had feelings for each other. It’s about time!

I looked at Nadine’s voluptuous form, and smiled. Yes, she was very pretty. We kissed, and went to my room. Once there, we went to my bed, and began to make love. Our first time together was wonderful. Nadine got on top of me and looked into my eyes as I entered her. Her pussy was wonderfully tight. My cock was aching with pleasure as our bodies were joined at last. I thrust in and out of her, loving every second of it. Nadine rocked on top of me and rode me for all I was worth. We fucked and sucked all night, and woke up the next morning in each others arms. The next day, we found out that Joey and Nicole had also made love for the first time. We all laughed about it. We were all nervous since this was new territory but we were also pairing up left and right. We were no longer alone. Nadine held my hand and kissed me. Yep, I would never be alone again.

Over the next few months, Nadine and I would grow even closer together. There was nothing we couldn’t do together. Sometimes, we playfully wrestled on the floor of my dorm room. Other times, we curled up on the couch and watched movies together. Oh, and we also had some very hot and wonderful sex too. Folks, you won’t believe the stuff we did together. Nadine was getting progressively kinkier the more comfortable we got around each other. One morning, I woke up to find her sucking on my cock. Yep, my big and wonderful girlfriend was sucking my cock and licking my balls like there was no tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. When I came, she drank my seed.

Yeah, we were having fun together all the time. One time, I surprised her by hopping into the shower with her. Nadine laughed and playfully pushed me away. I caught her in my strong arms and took her right then and there. I thrust into her, and she wrapped her arms around me. My cock went deep into her wet, tight pussy. Nadine groaned as we fucked under the warm water, loudly, without a care in the world. That’s what being in love was all about!

I loved Nadine’s body. Tall, buff, chubby but sexy. My girlfriend’s body was wonderful and I especially loved her nice, round bottom. Nadine liked my masculine and buff body too. Sometimes, she’d douse me with chocolate and lick me from head to toe. She was so wonderfully kinky. One time, she surprised the hell out of me by sticking two of her thick fingers up my butt while sucking my cock. When I asked her, she stopped sucking me for a moment and told me that she read somewhere that anal stimulation would help me get harder. Women and their ideas!

We did a lot of experimentation together. Nadine was really into playing with butts. Both mine and hers. She loved to pour chocolate all over my butt and lick it. Also, she would finger my asshole while sucking my cock. I would return the favor. I’d pour Maple Syrup all over her butt and lick it. I would even lick her butt hole and finger it. Nadine loved getting fingered in the ass. I don’t know why but she was really into it. One time, she asked me to fuck her in the ass. What do you think I said?

Using the syrup as lubricant, I greased up Nadine’s asshole, and pushed my cock into her. She gasped as I entered her, and begged me for more. Slowly, I began to explore her anal cavity. Nadine was delighted and pushed back against me. Her hungry asshole seemed to be eager to take all the cock that I had to give. Inch by inch, I went into her. Her screams of pleasure filled the house. I held her by the hips, and thrust into her. I’d never heard anyone scream so loudly or cum so much, I swear!

Afterwards, Nadine and I lay in bed. I was a bit tired, but she wasn’t. The girl was going on and on about all the things that she wanted us to try together. Some of them sounded like fun. She wanted to have anal sex a lot more often. I was totally okay with that, as I’m sure most men would be. She also had some downright scary ideas about wanting to try bondage. Oh, and she also said that someday she’d like to buy a strap on dildo. That got my attention. Who in hell was she going to use it on? She said nothing, and smiled naughtily. Crazy woman, damn me for loving her!