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Ms. Singly Takes Me In Class

Ms. Singly Takes Me In Class

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I sit in class, bored, shamelessly eyeing our English teacher. Ms. Singly is a tall red-head with long legs and a penchant for wearing low-cut tops, revealing skirts and lacy underwear.

Today she is wearing a red ensemble, fiery red skirt down to her knee, flimsy red blouse that shows just enough cleavage to make our young minds wander, and be decent at the same time.

She sits down after explaining the present perfect tense. Her legs part slightly. I have a few ideas of my own on how to make the present perfect… I innocently drop my pen and bend down. I am rewarded with a quick glance. Her skirt has ridden up her black stocking legs, exposing a pair of frilly pink panties. I gasp at the sight.

As I look up she catches my eye. A sensual flirt turns into a stern disciplinary look. My palms are sweaty. What if she rats out on me? I will be in so much trouble!

I lower my eyes to my desk. After a while I look up again. She is hard at work, her pen scribbling a note. My eyes rove down her glossy hair and mingle in her neck until I stare at her ample breasts slowly undulating.

Damn! She has seen me again! My face starts to redden and I look back down.


It’s much later. I’m at home, staring at my books. I flop down on the bed. I hate studying, god knows! My hand reaches under the mattress, closes over my favorite mag, hustler gold. I imagine the busty brunette on the cover going down on me, sucking my cock. My hand reaches into my pants. I pull them down. My eight inches of man-meat straining in front of me. I reach for the cream next to my bed. I big glob lands on my dick. My hand closes over my erection and I start to jerk it.

My mind seeks out the image of my teacher’s panties, my movements speed up, ohh yes I want to cum on her face, in her pussy!


Back in class, It’s another hot day. The sweltering heat of the African sun and our horsing around in break has made all the guys sweaty. My favorite teach is again wearing a white dress to make me hard.

A slow trickle of sweat gleams off her forehead, glides down her neck and settles down to inch down between her tits until it disappears from sight. The bell rings. I and 30-odd souls that share my pain here at Endfield-high jump up.

“Jonathan” stay after class please her voice rings clear of the hubbub. Damn, it’s going to be about me not paying attention in class again, I know it.

After everyone has left, I walk up to her table. She is writing something. “Read it.” She says and holds it out to me. My fingers trace the words, my breath comes in rasps.

I want you. I’ve seen you looking at me. I know I’m your teacher. I know it’s wrong, but you’re 18, I’m 24. Let’s just fuck.

I look at her in total shock and amazement. She walks past me to the door and locks it. She unbuttons her dress and lets it fall. She is not wearing a bra. Her nipples are big round and stand about an inch out. She circles her hands around them.

She pushes me back onto her desk. ‘I don’t…’ shh she puts a finger on my mouth and pushes my head down. I suckle at her breast intensifying my sucking until she pulls me away. My face is bright red. She unzips me and pulls my cock free. She looks at it, ‘Hmm nice’ and envelops it in her velvety mouth. I cum almost instantaneously as her soft sucking starts. She doesn’t pull away. Every drop shoots down her throat. ‘Please stop’. She gets up and smiles. A drop of jizz drips down her chin and onto her tits.

She steps away from me, turns around and without ceremony peels off her white cotton panties. Her ass is the most perfect ripe target. She turns and digs with her finger into her sopping cunt. I watch, fascinated.

My dick grows back to life, stirring a deep lust in me. Her eyes light up as she sees my revitalized schlong. In a moment of pure wanton abandon she mounts me. Slowly she slides down impaling herself on my pole.

I gasp as the wet warmness pulls me in. Every fibre in my being becomes pulsating gyrating COCK! She fucks me steadily, just wimpering, but quickly goes faster and faster making the table shift under us, yelping as my cock ravages her ripe female hole.

In a final thrust she sinks down on me. It feels as if im penetrating her core! FFFUCCKK! I yell as my spunk shoots a load deep inside her. She kisses me deeply, our tongues one.

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