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The Farmers Daughter Ch. 01

The Farmers Daughter Ch. 01

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Jake Masters’ car had just broken down on the outskirts of nowhere. Before his car broke down, he saw a farm miles back. He knew he wouldn’t be able to make it to the farm, as the sun blazed down on him. But Jake was determining to get his car repaired so he could return home to his wife and kids.

As Jake walked, he sweated buckets of sweat and saw no end to the back road. As Jake was ready to pass out, he saw a vehicle approaching him from the far distance. As the vehicle got closer, it wasn’t a vehicle you would normally see on the road. It was a tractor. Jake couldn’t tell who was driving the tractor because the sun had blurred his vision. Jake waves his arms high in the air. Using what’s left of his energy.

The tractor arrived at Jake’s location. Jake was on the ground. He gasped for air, as his body was emptied of all its water. Before Jake passed out, a person stepped off the tractor. His vision was about to go out but he saw a yellow straw hat and long blond pig tails of a woman. Then he faded.

3 hours had passed and Jake finally regains conscious. He felt a cool towel on his forehead and a roof over his head. The house had a nice breeze flowing from the air conditioning.

“Where am I?” Jake asked himself, as he sat up, wondering where he was.

“Your coming too,” said a young girl’s soft voice.

Jake started regaining his vision as the young girl came closer to him.

“Who are you?” Jake asked.

“I’m Sarah,” the girl spoke.

Jake’s vision came back and his eyes immediately were glued to the Sarah’s massive cleavage, as she bended over to check his temperature.

“Your back to normal Jake,” Sarah said with a smile.

Jake’s eyes popped out of their sockets, but he finally came back to reality as she repeated his name.

“Yeah… I feel just fine,” Jake smiled.

Jake licked his dry lips, as Sarah stood up. Her huge breasts bobbed underneath her blue jean overalls. Parts of her white bra were exposed from the sides of her overalls. She was barefooted and walking around the room.

Jake stopped eyeing her and saw a picture of a man on her wall.

“Is that your lucky husband or boyfriend?” Jake asked.

“No. I don’t have a husband or boyfriend. That’s my wealthy father. He’s out of town right now on business. So you’re more then welcome to stay the weekend until you have regained full strength. I towed you car into the barn and we can go to the gas station to pick up some gas for it,” Sarah said.

“Sounds good,” Jake replied.

“Are you hungry sir?” Sarah asked.

Jake couldn’t lift his eyes off Sarah’s large chest, as it heaved up and down with her breathing. Her enormous tits bulged out far under her overalls and thanks to the bra, they defined gravity.

A large bulged formed in front of Jake’s jeans.

“Yes I am,” Jake said hungrily.

“Excellent. I have prepared a dinner for us while you were sleep,” Sarah said.

Sarah extended her hand to Jake. Jake gasped her hand and she helped him to his feet. She guided Jake into the kitchen where the food was waiting on the table.

“Hmmm! Everything looks so good and smells good too,” Jake responded.

“Thanks. My father thinks I should become a famous chef,” said Sarah.

Jake and Sarah ate the delicious dinner and had some homemade apple pie for dessert. Of Jake, just would have rather had Sarah’s homemade “apple pie” for dessert. But he wasn’t full yet. He had room for a different kind of pie.

Nighttime fell and Sarah told Jake the sleeping arrangements. She lied a large blanket in front of the fireplace for Jake to see on.

“I’m going to let you change into your pjs, while I go change myself and I’ll be back” Sarah said.

“Sounds good to me,” Jake replied.

Sarah left to her room and Jake quickly undressed. Jake knew he didn’t have any pjs and couldn’t wait to see Sarah’s reaction.

“I’m back,” Sarah said softly, as she entered the living room, wearing only a long button down shirt and cotton panties. “Oh my GOD! JAKE!” Sarah gasped.

Jake stood by the fireplace totally naked. His huge 10 1/2-inch cock swung between his thighs, as he walked over to Sarah.

“I’m still a virgin,” Sarah whispered to Jake.

“I can change all that,” Jake responded, as he grabbed Sarah’s arms and pulled her to his body. Her huge braless tits crashed against his bare chest.

“Those tits are so fucking huge Sarah. I have to see them,” Jake said in lust.

“Well, you’re being the first guy to ever see my 36F’s,” Sarah mentioned.

“36F!!,” Jake said stunned.

His cock throbbed harder, as he knew the size breasts he would be working with.

Jake ripped Sarah’s shirt open, revealing her monstrous mammries. They jiggled and wobbled for a few minutes. Jake and Sarah watched them settle down. Her tits hung just above her navel and formed huge round cantaloupe ends. She had massive pancake-sized pink areolas with pink gumdrop-sized nipples.

Jake squished his chest against Sarah’s enormous jugs. His hands traveled over her heart-shaped ass and squeezed her ass cheeks through her panties.

The two locked lips and French kissed each other wildly. Jake moved his hands up to cup Sarah’s giant titties. He squeezed them from all sides and smashed them together against her chest.

“Ohhhhh Jake!” moaned Sarah.

Jake rubbed his thumbs over Sarah’s hard nipples, as he squeezed her big tits.

“That feels so good Jake!” Sarah moaned, as she closed her eyes and reached down to stroke Jake’s huge cock.

“I’ve never felt a cock before. Yours feel wonderful and very big. Hmmmm!” Sarah moaned.

Jake moaned lightly to Sarah’s stroking, while he continued to pinch and pull Sarah’s tender buds.

“Your tits dwarf my wife’s double D’s,” Jake moaned. “And hers are the implant kind. I just love real natural big tits.”

Jake cupped Sarah’s left breast in both hands and squished his face against it. He sucked Sarah’s areola, while his tongue fondled her nipple. Jake stretched and pulled Sarah’s nipple with his lips, as he sucked on it. He opened his mouth wide and stuffed a good amount of breast flesh between his lips. Jake sucked hard, as he squeezed the tit into a silicone shape. He started bobbing his mouth on and off the tit like a female sucking a dick. He was giving her tit, a tittyjob.

After a few minutes of that, his tongue licked all over her massive areola and then traveled around the entire big tit itself. Jake repeated everything on Sarah’s right breast. Jake sucked and fondled Sarah’s gigantic breasts for 10 minutes.

Sarah had creamed her panties several times from the tit devouring. Her cum leaked down her thighs and legs.

Jake dropped Sarah’s saliva-covered melons and let her suck his cock.

Sarah sucked only on the cockhead and used her tongue to probe his pee hole. Her right hand stroked his massive shaft, while the left hand fondled his hairy balls.

Sarah positioned Jake to lie on the blanket. She was on all fours between his legs and continued to suck the skin, clean off his cock. Her huge knockers dragged and rubbed all over his thighs. Sarah swallowed 7 inches of Jake’s cock down her throat. She sucked and bobbed her mouth on his dick.

“Oh FUCK!,” moaned Jake.

Sarah released Jake’s cock from her mouth and started sucking his balls. She popped one into her mouth and then the other. She alternated between sucking and licking his balls. She stroked his huge wet dick, while popping both fat balls into her mouth. She sucked his balls and send Jake into an orgasm.

“OHHHH FUCK!” grunted Jake, as he blew a massive load of spunk all over Sarah’s blond hair. The gooey spunk dripped down her forehead and the rest of her face.

Sarah licked the cum that dripped on her lips.

“Hmmmm! I love cum Jake. Need more,” Sarah groaned.

Sarah engulfed Jake’s cock back into her mouth and slurped up the rest of his hot cum, as it oozed from his pee hole. Sarah swallowed every last drop.

“Hmmmm! Ready for round two?” Sarah teased.

Suddenly, both Jake and Sarah heard the doorknob to the front door start turning and a key being used to open the door.

“Oh shit! It’s my father. Damn! I have to hide you. Quick!” Sarah said panicking.

Jake gathered up what he could of his clothes, as Sarah pushed him into the kitchen and shoved him out the back door.

“I’ll meet you in the barn,” Sarah told Jake, as she pointed to the barn just up the road.

Sarah quickly drenched her hair under the sink to wash out Jake’s cum. She took a back way through the house and hurried to her room. She put on a bathrobe, as her father opened the bedroom down.

“Hello honey? I thought you would be sleep by now,” her father questioned. “What have you been up too while I was gone?”

To be continued…

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