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My First Time Ever

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I was eighteen when I met Sean for the first time. I had just finished high school and was preparing to begin my first year at university when my father invited him home to have dinner with us. The ‘us’ in this case being my father, Robert Francis who worked in the same office as Sean, my mother Marjorie and me, Natalie. My father had started with the company right out of high school and had worked his way up through the ranks into a managerial position. We were comfortably well off without being wealthy and, because of this I had a part-time job asking people if they would like fries with their order and would they like to up-size from a standard burger to a Big Mac. My friends said that I was preparing myself for when I graduate.

During the pre-dinner chat Sean told us the reason that he had transferred from head office was that his wife had left him, he thought that she was with relatives in Ireland, and he need a change of scenery, a new challenge to take his mind off his problems.

There was a moment of embarrassment for me at the beginning of the meal after Mother had served us, Sean started to eat seconds before Father began to say Grace. He stopped chewing until Father had finished before resuming. Grace was a fact of life in our family, it was part of belonging to a devout Christian family. I was a member of the church youth group and all of my friends were in the group and had attended the same Christian high school as I did. We were a group of young kids who were friends without there being any items, the truth was that I had never had a boyfriend and was still a virgin (hard to believe, huh?).

I found it easy to talk to Sean and he seemed to be interested in my future plans, so we got on fine during the evening and he made it a point to say good-bye to me separately from my parents when he left. I liked him but thought that I’d never see him again.

I was just about to finish my shift on the Friday night after that dinner when he walked into the restaurant and stood at the back of the queue at my counter. “Good evening sir, what would you like this evening?” I asked as per instructions.

“Hi Natalie, I would like a Big Mac and fries and a diet Coke. What time do you finish tonight?”

This caught me by surprise and it took a while to compose myself enough to submit his order on the touch screen. “That will be $5.95 thank you sir. I finish in about fifteen minutes.” I wondered why he wanted to know when I finished.

“Fine, that will give me just enough time to eat this delicious meal.” He waited for his tray to arrive from the production line and carried it to a table where he could sit and watch me. Every time I glanced in his direction he would smile at me and it wasn’t long before I smiled back at him.

He was waiting for me as I left with a couple of other girls who finished at the same time. “Natalie, can I give you a ride home?”

Glenda gave me a dig in the ribs. “Go on, I dare you.” She was my closest friend and we had sort of grown up together, going to the same school and the same church although she wasn’t as ‘churchie’ as me. We had often discussed boys, in particular the boys in the youth group, but neither of us had actually had a boyfriend and certainly had never been involved in anything sexual. She was drooling at the car that he was standing next to, the badge on the back told me that it was a Nissan GT-R, although this meant nothing to me.

Sean held the door open for me and I slid in. “Do you like it?”


“The car, I bought it especially for you.”

“What, why would you do that?”

“I thought that all girls liked to be seen in fast cars, your friend seemed to like it.”

“She would, she has brothers that have fast cars and she’s always telling me about how fast they drive but I’m not that interested.” I could see that he wasn’t happy with my response. “It is nice.” I said, patting the leather seat.

“I suppose that I’ll just have to accept that it’s ‘nice’.” He put it into gear and drove towards my house. “What are you doing next Friday?”

“I’m working until 7.00 and then I’m going out with friends, why?”

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

I was shocked by his invitation. While deep down I was flattered by it my first reaction was; I can’t do this, what would my parents say? “I don’t know, I don’t think that I’m sophisticated enough for you.”

“Oh I don’t know about that. We got on fine the other night, didn’t we?”

“Well yes I guess so, but surely you have women friends more suited to you.”

“You mean more my age don’t you? Natalie, I like you and age is not such a big deal for me. What about it, will you come?”

“Yes.” I sort of whispered my answer because I still didn’t think that it was right and because of that I’d have to go behind my parents’ backs and have them believe that I was out with my friends.

“Good. I’ll pick you up after work on Friday then.” He dropped me off at the bus stop a hundred metres from home and I thought that it was to save me from having to explain to my parents that he’d given me a ride home. I didn’t feel right about this deception but then all I was thinking about how it would be exciting to do something naughty and go out on a date with an older man.

On Friday I was in the staff change rooms putting the finishing touches to my make-up when Glenda came in. “You’re not getting all dolled up to go out with us guys are you?” There was a note of envy in her voice. “Who are you going out with? Don’t tell me it’s that old guy with the GT-R?”

“Not a word of this to anyone but yes I am, he’s taking me to dinner.”

“You be careful with him and his fancy car, I hope that he’s just not taking you out to, you know, get into your pants.”

“No, it’s nothing like that, he’s new in town and just wants the company of someone he knows. He works with my father.”

“Does your father know about this?”

“No, and I don’t want him to know, at least not yet.”

“You don’t honestly think that he can be looking to a long term commitment do you?” She looked at me. “Oh no, tell me you’re not.”

“Well, a girl can dream can’t she?” Maybe I’ve been reading too many of the soppy romance stories that they print in those girlie magazines where true love always wins out and I could see eternal bliss in my future. “Not a word to anyone, promise?”

“Cross my heart and hope to die.” She made the sign on her chest. “Just remember, if he tries anything funny stop him, kick him in the you-know-whats if necessary.”

Sean was waiting for me and opened the door for me, Glenda was watching as I got in the car. “How are you tonight?” He asked as we drove off. “Have you had a good day?”

“It was okay, I went shopping this morning, do you like my new dress? I bought it special for tonight.”

“It looks very nice, it suits you.” I could sense his disappointment in my choice, and maybe it wasn’t sophisticated enough for this evening. We drove in silence until we reached the restaurant. He parked in the car park out back and assisted me out of the car, he didn’t let go of my hand as we walked around to the entrance and when he opened the door I felt his hand on my back as he ushered me inside. The head waiter greeted him as an old friend and led us to a table in an alcove on one side of the room. Sean held my chair out for me and took the menu and wine list from the waiter, who wandered off to serve another customer.

“Would you like me to order for you?” He had noticed me puzzling over the menu, it was in French for a start and I was horrified at the prices of these dishes, it was going to cost him a fortune.

“Would you please?” I handed him my menu and he signalled for the waiter, who arrived pad in hand. Sean ordered as if he was born to it and soon a bottle of wine appeared and the ritual began. He declared the wine to be perfect and glasses were filled. In a night of firsts I took my first sip of wine and it was nice. The meal was nothing like I’d ever had before, the servings were tiny but the presentation of the dishes was so good it seemed sad to eat the food. The wine was nice and although I drank little I was feeling a little light-headed by the time we had finished and he had placed his arm around me as we walked to the car.

We stopped a couple of houses from home and he kissed me lightly on the lips. “Will you come to dinner with me again next Friday?”

There was no hesitation in my reply. “Yes I’d like that.”

He walked around to my side of the car and opened the door for me. “I enjoyed this evening very much, and you are a very special young lady.” He bent and kissed me again and this time he held his lips on mine for a little longer. I don’t know whether it was the wine or the kiss but I was feeling a little light-headed as I walked the few metres home.

On Tuesday Glenda cornered me. “Tell me all, where did you go and what was the food like?”

“We went to a restaurant called ‘le Rocheforte’ and the food was really nice although there wasn’t a lot of it.”

“Wow! I’ve heard that it’s the top restaurant, and did you have any wine to drink?”

“Yes and it was nice too.”

“And after, did he try to kiss you?”

My fingers touched my lips as if to re-enforce the memory of his. “Yes he did, but that was all he did, he didn’t try anything else.”

“He didn’t touch your breasts?” She cupped hers to demonstrate what she had expected him to do.

“No, there was nothing like that! He was the perfect gentleman.”

“When are you going out with him again, he has asked you out again hasn’t he?”

“Friday, we’re going out again on Friday.” Friday seemed such a long time to wait to see him again. But it arrived and I was ready for him.

We again went to a restaurant but this was different from last week, we caught a ferry to Watsons Bay and had dinner at Doyle’s Seafood Restaurant. In another first I tried calamari and really liked it and the crisp white wine that we had with it. The ferry ride back to Circular Quay was enjoyable, sitting with him, his arm across my shoulder and feeling the cool breeze on my face, the city lights and the Opera House all lit up made the journey a special one. I felt like a princess as we caught a cab to his office building and got his car from the car park for the drive home. Before he started the engine he leaned over and his lips brushed mine sending a tingle down my spine, this was just what the romance stories had told me would happen.

He again stopped his car not far from home and kissed me. “Did you enjoy this evening?”

“Oh yes, very much.”

“So did I and I want to see you again next week?”

“Yes.” I whispered, and I want to see you.”

“That’s settled then, I’ll pick you up from work.”

“Oh no, you can’t. I forgot but my shifts have been changed, I’m now working on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

“That’s all right; I’ll pick you up from home.”

“But then Mum and Dad will know that it’s you I’ve been seeing and not the guys from the youth group.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.” He kissed me again as I stepped out of the car.

I told Mum that I was going out with the guys when she came into my room on Friday afternoon as I was putting on my make-up. Just before Sean was expected my mobile rang, it was him. “Sorry darling but I’m stuck in the office, I’ve called a cab to come and pick you up and take you straight to the restaurant, and I’ll meet you there.”

My heart was racing; he’d called me ‘darling’!! In the cab on the way to the restaurant I couldn’t help thinking how clever he’d been arranging for the cab so that he didn’t have to pick me up himself, this was adding to my excitement of doing something behind my parents’ backs, I was a woman of mystery embarking on a dangerous journey.

It was another fine restaurant and another fine meal and he kissed me as we reached his car. “Your parents are going away next weekend aren’t they?”

“How, oh Father told you. Yes they’re going to visit my aunt and uncle in the Hunter Valley.”

“Good, I have something special planned for us.” We drove home and I couldn’t help wondering what it could be. He kissed me again as we pulled up down from my house. “I can’t wait for next week.”

“What have you got planned?”

“Sorry my darling,” He kissed me again, “I can’t tell you, I want you to be all excited when we meet next Friday and don’t worry, and you won’t be disappointed.”

Friday couldn’t come soon enough! Mum and Dad left home at 6.00 to drive north and Sean arrived at 7.00. I was dressed and ready and kissed me as soon as we were in the car. Instead of driving to a restaurant he drove to an apartment building. “Where are we going?” I asked as we waited for the lift to arrive at the car park level.

“You’ll see.” He pushed the button for the top floor and stood there with a smile on his face as it rose up. He swiped a security card into the door lock and opened it. “Welcome to my humble abode.” I stood open mouthed. Humble it wasn’t, the furniture alone must have cost a fortune. “Well, what do you think?”

“It’s amazing. I’ve never been in anything like this.”

“Come.” He led me into the dining room. The table was set with shiny cutlery and gleaming glasses. He went into the kitchen and returned with two plates of food. “I hope you like this, it’s a slow cooked stew thing, very French and tasty.” He opened a bottle of red wine and poured some into both glasses. I did like the food, and the wine. After dinner we sat on a sofa in the living room and listened to some relaxing music. He kissed me.

I knew that I shouldn’t allow this to progress any further but I wasn’t strong enough to stop him. I kissed him back, my passion for this man pushing my lips against his. I felt his tongue pressing against my lips and they parted allowing him in. My whole body was tingling and I could feel a dampness that I’d never experienced before between my legs. Then I felt a hand on my breast, a hand gently caressing me. With a whimper I fell against him as his fingers expertly opened my blouse and his hot hand cupped my breast, touching my hardened nipple. All thoughts of resistance disappeared when his other hand managed to undo my bra so that his hand seared the flesh of my breast with its heat. Then his voice, soft and husky, reached my ears. “Natalie darling, I love you.”

It was my voice, I knew that, but I had no control over it and it was coming from so far away. “Yes, yes, please love me.” He kissed my breast and the hand that had been there was now between my legs, caressing me down there, even through the layers of pantyhose and panties I could feel his finger rubbing me and pushing against me. “Sean, you should know that I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what to do.”

“Just do whatever your heart tells you, just relax and let it happen.”

“Will it hurt? I’ve read that it hurts the first time.”

“It may hurt a little at first and then it gets better, don’t be afraid, I’ll be gentle.” He took my pantihose and panties off me and kissed me down there, it felt wonderful and then his tongue pushed inside and I thought that I was going to die it was so good. He licked me for some time until my body went into a series of spasms. When they died down I looked down at him and even with his mouth over me I could see him smile.

He took his mouth away and stood up to take off his clothes. I had never seen a man’s thing, his cock, before and it looked so huge that I was sure that there was no way that he could fit it inside me. “Are you ready for this?” I nodded my head and he lowered himself onto me. I could feel the end of his cock pushing slowly inside me until it hit my barrier. “I’ve reached your hymen, this is where it might hurt.” He held it in place for a while and then he plunged it right up to the hilt inside me.

“Ow! Oh that hurt.” I could feel the tears oozing from my eyes, but then the pain seemed to go away and, as he pulled it out and then pushed it back inside me I got the most amazing sensation running right through my body. His movements were slow and steady for a while and then he increased his speed and my pleasure until, just as my body went through another series of spasms I felt a warm discharge from his cock. It started to get soft and he pulled out of me, I could feel something warm oozing from me.

“Did you like your first time?” He kissed me.

“Yes, it felt, I can’t describe just how it felt.”

“I feel extremely privileged to have been your first and I hope that I can continue to give you pleasure.”

“I’m sure you will.” I drew his lips to mine and kissed them, and my tongue snaked out and found his and my hand moved to hold his limp cock, still sticky from our love making. I couldn’t believe that until an hour ago I had never let a man fondle my breasts or stick his finger inside me let alone his cock and now I’m fondling him and bringing his cock back to hardness. I know that I’m doing everything that we’d been told not to do by the church and school and that I should be feeling guilty about this, but I don’t, I feel, well I feel like I’m in love.

“Come.” Sean stood and held his hand for me. I took it and he led me to his bedroom. As we entered I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I looked like a slut, my hair was matted against my head and my lipstick was smeared around my lips, I was naked from the waist down, my blouse hung open and my bra was hanging loosely below my naked breasts, and all I could see was how big my nipples were. “You look beautiful, just like a woman who has given herself totally to the man she loves.” He led me to his bed and as I stood beside it he eased my blouse off my shoulders and like the bra that followed it, it ended up on the floor.

He pulled the covers back and I watched as he removed the rest of his clothes. He rolled onto the bed and held his arms open for me to join him. As I climbed onto the bed my hand reached out for his now hard cock. “Do you like touching my cock?”

“Yes, I like the way that it gets hard when I touch it.” I was moving my hand up and down along his shaft. “And I like the way you like me doing this.”

His finger was inside me and I was building up to another orgasm. “Do you like me doing this?”

“Yes, I love it.”

“Do you like it as much as when I have my cock inside you?”

“No, that I love more than anything.” He rolled me onto my back and positioned himself between my legs, and then I felt his cock inside me.

We made love three more times before both of us eventually went to sleep, he behind me with his hand cupping one of my breasts and the other between my legs, neither of us had the energy to do anything else.

I woke with a finger of one hand moving around inside me, and the thumb and finger of the other gently squeezing my nipple. “Mmm that’s nice, you can wake me like that every day.” I rolled onto my back and opened my legs for him. We made love like that for a while and then he pulled out and rolled me onto my stomach. He lifted my hips off the bed and his cock was inside me. This felt different and in some ways better than the way that we had been making love and I soon climaxed and collapsed back onto the bed as he orgasmed inside me.

We lay there recovering. “Natalie, just one question, are you on the pill?”

“No, oh damn, what are we going to do?” I was beginning to panic, what if I got pregnant?

“Don’t worry darling,” he could sense my concern, “I have a pill that will take care of it, it’s called the morning after pill.” He got out of bed and came back with a glass of water and a pill.

I swallowed it. “Are you sure that this will work?”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be okay. Now what are we going to do for the rest of the weekend?”

“More of the same I think, but I have a shift this evening, it finishes at 11.00, one of the girls has been sick for the last couple of days and I’ve been filling in for her and I can’t really get out of it.”