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Shy Man Finds Love

Shy Man Finds Love

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Every Thursday night the sorority would get together to discuss the plans for the weekend. We always had wine with these meetings and most of the time it would end up with tequila shots and everybody rowdy. Many nights we would pass the bottle around and play ‘Truth or Dare’ with whoever held the bottle. We always tried to make the taker opt for the ‘dare’ calling the ‘truth’ taker a spineless chicken or worse.

I know I am responsible for the escalation of dares the night I dared Sharon to go next door to the ‘Dyke’ sorority and beg one of the butches to allow her to eat her. When it came to be my turn, I was expecting a whopper and I was right. My dare was to go find a science nerd and take his cherry. When I asked how I was to know, he was a virgin they all laughed saying all science nerds were virgins, so just go pick one.

I realize I could just go out and then come back to say ‘dare accomplished’, but I felt I owed allegiance to my sorority so I would fulfill my mission. As I had three days to do as dared, I got up Friday morning with the Science Lab in my sights. I had to ask directions, as this a part of school I had never been to. Then I saw him, my intended victim as he sat on a bench in front of the lab. Should I describe him, no you already know what he looks like. From his greasy hair to his thick glasses held together with a safety pin and from his pimples to his pocket protector he was classic nerd.

I made my move, which was just walking over and sitting next to him. He looked at me with suspicious eyes; as well, he should for there’d be no way in the world I’d ever talk to him without an ulterior motive.

“Hi, I’m Karen, what’s your name?”

A sullen, ‘Joshua’ was all he said,

“Is it OK to call you Josh, I really like that name?”

“Look girl I’m not helping you with any homework or science project, so you can just go away.”

“Please Josh don’t be so hostile with me, you’re right I do need something but it’s nothing like schoolwork. Ah, ah, listen can I just be honest with you?”

“Sure, why not, it’s not like you’re going to hurt my feelings.”

“Thank you, you see I’m trying to do something for my sorority and I’m wondering, god this is harder than I thought.”

“Would just come out and ask me, I’ve got a class to go to.”

“OK, first I guess I have to ask you if you’re still a virgin”

“Now you’re getting personal, I’m going to leave.”

“Please wait, I’m sorry, it’s just I have to sleep with a virgin by Saturday and to tell the truth you looked like a good candidate.”

Believe me that stopped him in his tracks and when I assured him it wasn’t a trick I had his full attention. He said,

“Show me your boob to prove you’re not lying.”

I did as asked right there in the science quad. I then asked him if I could see him after class and he said screw class, this was live science. I asked if I could go to his dorm with him and with a warning about his roommate maybe being there, we left for his dorm. I asked him what his code was for room in use and he looked at me as if I was speaking Chinese. Of course, why would two virgins set up a code for needing privacy? I told him I didn’t care about the roommate I just wanted to get this over with, but thank god nobody was there when we got there.

Once alone in his room he lost all bravado and was visibly nervous. All of a sudden, my heart went out to him, my original plan was to jump his bones make him cum and then get out. Now I could see I couldn’t be this callous, this was Josh’s first time, and it should be special. I remembered my first with Jimmy Reardon in the back seat of his mother’s car. I didn’t want to do it I just wanted to make Jimmy happy and sure he was happy that night but it didn’t take him long to forget me. I understand it’s different for a boy, for a girl it’s losing something, giving of your virginity to someone else. Yet for a boy it’s like a rite of Passage, you’re not a man until you’ve had a woman. I sat him down on his bed, then looked him in the eye,

“Josh I want you to know I want to do this but not if you don’t want to, I’m not pressuring you.”

“I want to, I want to, I’ve thought about this my whole life and yet I could never imagine doing it with someone as beautiful as you.”

I told him he was sweet, then leaned over and kissed him and he said, “I just came.”

I smiled as I had expected just about such a scenario as this, but I was determined to finish and I still wanted it to be as good for Josh as possible.

“That’s OK that just the first one, its good we got it out of the way like that so the next one will last longer. Would like me to undress for you so you can look at me?”

He just nodded his mouth too dry to speak. I didn’t do a strip tease or anything like that but I slowly took off my clothes and displayed my nakedness for his enjoyment. It was thrilling to me to see his excitement build with each new part of my body I exposed and I could feel myself getting wet. Once naked I told him it was his turn, I undressed him, and soon we were both naked. I leaned over, kissed him, and heard him moan when I forced my tongue between his lips.

I pushed him on his back and then straddled him cowgirl style as I planned to give him the ride of his life. I put his hand on my boob and his dick in my cunt as he lay there almost in a stupor. He played with my nipple as if it was fine china and it felt good and maybe I was just horny but his cock felt incredible inside me. All of a sudden, an orgasm came over me with a shudder. He looked at me with concern worried about my safety,

“I’m OK silly boy I just came on you, now it your turn, go ahead I want to feel you shoot inside me.”

Just like on clue he ejaculated inside me. I couldn’t believe it I felt so satisfied and Josh looked so happy I wanted to cry.

We lay there together until his roommate came in and caught us naked in bed together. It made me feel good that he got to show off his conquest to the roomy. We got dressed and went to find something to eat. We were sitting at the local Denny’s I could see the pensive look on his face; I didn’t need to ask him his thoughts so instead I told him mind.

“Josh I want to thank you for this morning, I mean this all started out as a dare, a joke on me but it ended with a good feeling to me and I hope you’re alright with what happened.”

“I am sitting here thinking of the vacuity of my life before you and it saddens me to think of returning to the same emptiness when you’re gone. Yet I’ll have my memories and believe me they’re better than any fantasy I could ever have dreamed up.”

“Josh we’re from two different worlds and I could never see us as a couple but would it bother you if I came around from time to time just so we could enjoy each other?”

It’s really funny how you life comes together, I kept meeting Josh more and more each month and by the time I graduated we did become a couple. This is my warning keep your eyes open as you go through life for you never know what’s around that next corner. If I had not taken that dare or if Josh went to class early, we never would have met. On the other hand, maybe it’s Kismet and we would have met no matter what we did, I guess I’ll never know.

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